Painter 2017 In-Depth
Cable Car on Powell

(23 minutes)

This video takes you behind the scenes and through the stages that led to the creation of the painting Cable Car on Powell. At the start you’ll see the final painting on the wall, a mixed media pigment inkjet print with acrylic paint added, followed by a break down of the various stages that the artwork went through as I worked on it on my iMac using a Wacom Intuos pro M pen tablet and Painter 2017 (including some of the new texture and stencil dab brushes). The post-print painting techniques used in working on the final print with acrylic medium and paint followed exactly the system described in a number of tutorials on this site. If you’re interested go to the first of a twelve part Post-Print Painting The Sutton Way tutorial series (or type “post-print painting” into the search field on the PaintboxTV home page). Enjoy this tutorial demo!

January 2017

PS I wish to thank PaintboxTV member Pradeep for prompting me to create this video (along with fellow PaintboxTVer Deanna who has also been asking for more Painter 2017 tutorials). This is the nice letter I received from Pradeep followed by one from Deanna:

Dear Jeremy:

After a gap of many years I decided to revisit Painter on this extended holiday in Barbados with my wife. Time is always precious in life and I thought I would make the most of this forced inactivity.

Turns out I am in awe of and in love with Painter 2017 and of course of your skills with the medium. I do not know how I failed to discover your enormous talent in the past when I worked with Painter 12 and earlier versions.

Anyway, the reason I am writing to you is to implore you to do a video of your excellent work ‘Cable Car on Powell’ which features in your ‘introduction to Painter 2017 series’. If you have already done this please help me find it in your extensive library of tutorials.

With best wishes,


Fantastic video!!!!!

Hi Jeremy,
Just had to write a short note saying just watched your latest video about the cable car. I thought it was fantastic!

I have only looked at it once so it has sort of blown my mind for now but this is what I wish you would do more of and hopefully you will have more of these in 2017. I know it takes lots of time too so I understand but love to see how you can do all you do.

Well better quit here, just wanted to let you know how much I liked it and am going to take something and try and follow through your techniques to see what I come up with… maybe another painterlab project

Take care


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  1. January 23, 2017
    Oh Jeremy, this is so amazing. Thanks a ton for sharing your workflow. I will need to see this a few times to digest it fully :-) it does suggest so many possibilities though. Best wishes, Pradeep Reply