The Great Gatsby Impressionist Corel Painter Workshop

The artwork featured here is Gatsby Stroll created by Jeremy Sutton using Corel Painter

September 11 – 15, 2016 
Sutton Studios & Gallery, San Francisco

Level: Intermediate and beyond


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Summer Afternoon created by Jeremy Sutton using Corel Painter

Gatsby Impressionists 2015 holding their paintings

Kimber and her painting Checking Her Dance Card. Kimber, of Santa Fe, New Mexico, describes the workshop experience as “so inspiring and fabulous!”

A Corel Painter Mixed Media Art Class Like None Other!

Become a Gatsby Impressionist! The workshop kicks off with the Gatsby Summer Afternoon, a magnificent 1920s themed public event organized annually by the Art Deco Society of Northern California that takes place at the Dunsmuir-Hellman Historic Estate in Oakland, California. At the Gatsby Summer Afternoon everywhere you turn looks like an impressionist painting. It is reminiscent of a Downton Abbey garden party! Besides the joy of capturing incredible images, you will also be able to enjoy picnic luncheon, dancing to the Don Neeley’s Royal Society Jazz Orchestra, seeing the Deco Belles dance troupe perform and viewing vintage automobiles. This workshop will be the perfect opportunity to bring your spouse or significant other along for a fantastic week in San Francisco at the best time of year to be there, during the heart of the (usually hot) Indian Summer. Over the subsequent three and a half days you will study and learn impressionist style painting strategy, workflow and techniques, and how to apply them while working from photographic reference within the latest version of Corel Painter as well as when applying acrylic gel and paint onto a pigment print on canvas of one of your paintings. Learn to paint the atmosphere, light, movement, mood, people and music of an unparalleled visual feast. The class size for this workshop is limited to just four students, small enough to ensure that every student receives personal one-on-one attention and assistance throughout the workshop. (The photos displayed here show earlier workshops in which more students were present.)

Here’s a taste of what to expect:

With almost 900 people, all dressed to the nines in 1920s style, plus many magnificent vintage cars in pristine condition, there are amazing beautiful vignettes every direction you look!

The historic Dunsmuir house serves as a majestic backdrop to many scenes – wonderful to observe and capture as the light changes during the afternoon

And of course the dancing to the live jazz sounds of the Don Neeley’s Royal Society Orchestra

“This workshop was fun and fabulous! It exceeded all of my expectations. Jeremy is fantastically talented as well as very supportive. He has a gift for teaching, covering things very thoroughly and methodically without skipping steps, and with incredible enthusiasm and energy. He was able to convey a foundation of art and digital painting. I loved everything about this course…Jeremy, his lovely partner Peggy, the ambience of his studio, their energy, the music and, of course…painting.”
Gail D., Great Gatsby Impressionist Workshop 2014 Alum

Gail applying acrylic paint with a palette knife

Gail and her painting Ice Cream Man

At the end of the workshop you will take home an impressionist style mixed media study on canvas and enough wonderful source photographic images to keep you busy painting for many years to come!

Ten minute video showing the Gatsby Summer Afternoon, September 2007. This will give you a little taste of what to expect….

Peggy’s table setting

The spread!

Peggy and roses

Group pose


The Syllabus

  • Image Capture
    Sunday, 1pm – 6pm, Gatsby Summer Afternoon, Oakland

    Attend and immerse yourself in the impressionist experience of the Gatsby Summer Afternoon. This afternoon is devoted to on-location photography at this once a year Art Deco event in the grounds of a historic home in Oakland.

  • Setting the Stage
    Monday, 10pm – 5pm, Sutton Studios & Gallery

    Introduction to the history, techniques and visual styles of the 19th century French Impressionist painters, such as Claude Monet and Auguste Renoir. See the Art World article on Impressionist Painting Methods. Learn Corel Painter 2015 brush choice, control and organization.

  • Impressionist Photo Painting Workflow
    Tuesday, 10am – 5pm, Sutton Studios & Gallery

    Learn how to apply the same techniques and principles of the French Impressionists within a digital painting workflow using the latest version of Corel Painter 2015 and using source photos from the weekend. We will focus on artistic impressionist workflow, systems, techniques and strategies. For example, starting with loose, spontaneous, bold brush strokes with rich and varied colors; working from general to detail; paying attention to the whole composition; depicting the play and effect of light; and capturing atmosphere and mood. Includes advice on choosing and prepping images for painting.

  • Making the Most of Color, Tone & Texture
    Wednesday, 10am – 5pm, Sutton Studios & Gallery

    Expand your variety of marks and varying strengths of tonal contrasts; exploring new and custom brushes in Painter; and enriching your range of color and tone.

  • Post-Print Painting
    Thursday, 10am – 1pm, Sutton Studios & Gallery

    Experience adding physical media to digital prints to create one-of-a-kind unique artworks with added vitality and impact. Learn palette knife and brush techniques for gelling, painting, glazing and scumbling with acrylic media on canvas prints. Learn color mixing strategies and techniques.

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Class Fee

The Great Gatsby Impressionist Workshop fee is $1,925. This fee includes:

  • All studio instruction

  • Gatsby Summer Afternoon entrance

  • Picnic Luncheon at the Gatsby Summer Afternoon

  • 16″ x 20″ approx. study print on canvas

  • All the physical art materials used in post-print painting (canvas, inks, paints, etc)

Students are welcome bring a guest to the Gatsby Summer Afternoon (including the Picnic) on the Sunday for $125.

Please be aware that all class registrations are non-refundable, as outlined in the Terms and Conditions: “All purchases, including all registrations for workshops and classes, are FINAL and are NON-REFUNDABLE. If a user changes their mind, or is for any reason unable to attend a class or workshop they registered for, and can give more the seven days notice before a class starts, then the value of the registration payment can be applied to a later class or workshop or any other product or service offered on PaintboxTV®.”

Henk working on a waterlily painting inspired by the Japanese Tea Garden.

Warming up with still life painting…

Kimber and Gail gelling their digital prints

Jeremy explaining during the post-print painting portion of the workshop…

Arthur applying palette knife painting techniques

Details from Ginny’s painting

Who this Workshop is For

This class is aimed at anyone who wishes to learn an impressionist approach to digital and mixed media painting based on photos you capture at the Gatsby Summer Afternoon. It is an intermediate level class for those who are already familiar with using Corel Painter and who have either studied with me before or have used Painter for at least a year and followed my tutorials on PaintboxTV. If you are new to Painter then the Painter Creativity Workshop combined with following my PaintboxTV video tutorials is the best starting point. If you are unsure then please call me at 415-641-1221 to discuss if this workshop is right for you. Prior art training and experience is not needed.

What You’ll Need to Bring With You

  • Equipment          
    You’ll need to bring your own computer, Mac or PC, with plenty of free hard drive space and lots of RAM, the latest version of Corel Painter, a Wacom tablet and the latest Wacom driver installed on your computer. Please bring a digital camera,with extra memory cards and batteries. Please ensure all batteries are fully charged before the Gatsby weekend. There are no electrical outlets! Make sure you have plenty of CF card space—plan on taking a lot of photos!!

  • Clothing
    For the Gatsby Summer Afternoon the dress code is “afternoon attire” in the style of the 1920s/30s, or some approximation to it. You can wear light colored modern clothing with a vintage style to it. You can see from the photos on this page examples of the clothing students have worn for the event in the past. It can be very sunny at this event so bring sun cream, wide brimmed hats and sun parasols as needed. Visit the Art Deco Society of CaliforniaWhatever shall I wear to the Gatsby page for handy closet tips. Have fun with the dressing up!

Inspirational Places to Visit for Visitors to San Francisco

If you are visiting San Francisco I recommend making time prior to the workshop to visit the following locations:

  1. Enjoy the beautiful colorful Impressionists collection in the Legion of Honor Museum (which has a great cafe for lunch).

  2. Get a taste of “Japonisme”, the influence of Japanese art and aesthetics on many of the French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist painters, at the Japanese Tea Garden (a great place for tea).

  3. The de Young Museum

  4. Enjoy the play of light and shadow amongst the Greek and Roman style artificial ruins of the Palace of Fine Arts.

Dressed to the nines!

The table setting.

Dancing to the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra…

In addition to your instruction by Jeremy Sutton, you will also enjoy the input of Peggy Gyulai, professional oil painter trained at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts who has been Painter in Residence with the San Francisco Chamber Orchestra and at the de Young Museum.

Laurie, Jeremy and Rick in front of Jeremy’s portrait of Laurie and Rick.

At the Legion of Honor

Accommodation Suggestions for Out of Town Visitors

If you are visiting San Francisco from out of town and are wondering where to stay, the first option I recommend is to take advantage of the specially reserved spectacular two bedroom airbnb apartment in Potrero Hill that is just five minutes walk from the studio. You’ll love this apartment! I know the owners, who are a lovely couple, and have seen it first hand. It is very reasonably priced ($160 per night for the whole apartment at the time of writing, plus cleaning fee etc, with cash discount also). It is much less than hotels, especially if you share with someone else, as well as more convenient for the workshop than any hotel. It will be held on a first come first serve basis so book early to ensure you can use this apartment.

Hotels in San Francisco have become very expensive in the last couple of years. One thing you may wish to consider if you wish to keep your budget lower is a private room in a hostel rather than a hotel.

Here are a few downtown hotels:

Hotel Beresford

(above English style pub)

Villa Florence

Sir Francis Drake

Sheraton Palace

Hotel Griffon

Hotel Rex

(great 1920s style lounge)

If you are not familiar with San Francisco please feel free to run any hotel suggestions by me before booking. There is a run-down district near the city center called the Tenderloin and I would not wish any out-of-town visitors to accidentally end up staying in that neighborhood.

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    Well done Jeremy. You bring "Light" to this darkening world. Your painting make me 'ache'. Your gifts to the 'Art world' are delicious - beyond words.. A thank you -from the world at large---- Geoffrey Reply