Getting Started with the
Jeremy Painter 2015 Workspace

Learn how easy it is to import and use the Jeremy Workspace 2015 that you can find in the Painter Downloads section of this site (see left sidebar menu). This introductory video shows you how to use the Window / Workspace / Import menu to import my custom workspace and then goes on to give a brief tour of the workspace.

My custom workspace includes wonderful new extra brushes, quite a few made specifically for Painter 2015 and never before featured in any other workspace. It also includes custom keyboard shortcuts designed to work with my custom Wacom settings (also available in the Painter Downloads). Have fun playing with, and getting familiar with, some of the fabulous new brushes introduced in Painter 2015 and included in the JeremyFaves2015 brush category that comes with the workspace. Since this video was recorded I have consolidated the Mac and PC Painter 2015 Extras into a single download link instead of two separate links as referred to in this video. The same workspace file will work fine on both Mac and PC platforms.

Video length: 17 minutes 13 seconds

August 2014

[Annual Premium Subscribers may download this video for offline viewing]

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  1. September 10, 2014
    Hi Jeremy, I purchased your Painter X videos years ago and had spoken to several times before your development of PaintboxTV. Thank you, for your manor in teaching and generosity with your expertise. I have just upgraded to the 2015 and look forward subscribing to your PaintboxTV. Best regards, Angelo Reply
  2. February 26, 2015
    I have followed you for a long time and very much appreciate your artistic style, and ease of teaching. I have your Painter 11 Creativity book, and use your workspace in Painter 12. -- I have recently upgraded to Painter 2015 but am not a Premium member of Paintbox - My question is: Can I import your workspace from Painter 12 to 2015, as your updated one is for Prem Members only?? Reply