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Paper & Grain

PLEASE NOTE: This portion of the Texture Explained tutorial series applies to almost all versions of Painter. The basics of the paper grain emulation in Painter has been at it’s natural media core from the first version in 1991. While I highly recommend upgrading to the latest Painter 2018 (the new Thick Paint brushes are fabulous!!), the videos on this page, like so many on the PaintboxTV site, are widely applicable across many versions of Painter.

Paper & Grain – Part 1 – Paper Basics (6m 50s)
Introductory overview of what paper is in Painter, including how to adjust the grain slider and brush tracking to allow you to see the effect of papers with different grainy brushes.

Paper & Grain – Part 2 – The Paper Panel (5m 4s)
The concept of the grain slider value is explained and then we take a look at the Papers panel sliders.

Paper & Grain – Part 3 – The Grain Panel (2m 38s)
Overview of the Grain panel and discussion of how to tell if a brush is sensitive to paper grain.

Paper & Grain – Part 4 – Capturing a Custom Paper from a Drawing (8m 42s)
How to create a custom paper from a drawing you have made.

Paper & Grain – Part 5 – Capturing a Custom Paper from a Photo (2m 43s)
How to create a custom paper from an image you have scanned, photographed or downloaded.

More videos to come in this series….

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