Painter Curriculum
Mechanics & Artistry

Welcome to the PaintboxTV Painter Curriculum! This is an on-going series of high resolution (1080p) Painter tutorial videos dedicated to enjoying and making the most of the fabulous paint program Corel Painter. I start from basics and delve deeper into the program, with the goal of helping all levels of users, from the newcomer who is opening Painter for the first time through to the seasoned user who has used Painter for many years. I have divided the videos into two concurrent streams – one focused on the mechanics of the program (e.g. tools, interface, menus, palettes, layouts, effects, navigation, clone techniques, brush creation and customization and advanced brush controls) and the other focused on the artistry of the art you make with the program (e.g. artistic process and workflow, composition, use of value and color contrasts, artistic styles, handy artistic tips and techniques, emulating traditional art media and effects, and inspiration of artists). The videos are posted approximately once a month. You have to be a paid subscriber to PaintboxTV to view these videos.

MECHANICS 1 – First Impressions: The Default User Interface
ARTISTRY 1 – Brushwork Basics: Taking Brushes for a Walk

MECHANICS 2 – Accelerate Your Creativity: Customize Your Workspace
ARTISTRY 2 – Set Yourself Free: Working Without Cloning or Undo

MECHANICS 3 – Canvas Size: Pixels, Dimensions and Resolution
ARTISTRY 3 -The Power of Bold Statements: Go For It!

MECHANICS 4 – Effects and Adjustments to Enhance Your Source Image
ARTISTRY 4 – The Beauty of a Limited Color Palette: Simple Sepia

MECHANICS 5 – Distressing & Distorting: Lots of Possibilities!
ARTISTRY 5 – Scribble Drawing: Building Value through Density

MECHANICS 6 – Pattern Making: Repetition & Rhythm
ARTISTRY 6 – Portraits: Lighting for Impact & Drama

MECHANICS 7 – Ancient & Modern: Mosaics Revisited
ARTISTRY 7 – Outside In: Using Negative Space

MECHANICS 8 – Understanding General Brush Controls
ARTISTRY 8 – Painting with Abstraction in Mind

MECHANICS 9 – Diving into Advanced Brush Controls – Part 1
ARTISTRY 9 – Portraits: Painting Eyes

MECHANICS 10 – Diving into Advanced Brush Controls – Part 2
ARTISTRY 10 – Landscapes: Atmospheric Perspective

MECHANICS 11 – Plug-In Layers Menu
ARTISTRY 11 – Nighttime Cityscapes: Glow Brushes for Lighting

MECHANICS 12 – Effects Menu
ARTISTRY 12 – Clothing: Light & Shadows

MECHANICS 13 – Custom Palettes
ARTISTRY 13 – Figures: Connecting & Relating

MECHANICS 14 – Brush Expression Control
ARTISTRY 14 – A Little Goes a Long Way: The Power of Accents

Please note that any aspect of this curriculum is subject to change at any time. If there are any specific topics you’d like to see me cover in this curriculum, or if you have any comments or feedback you’d like to share, please email me. It’ll be great to hear from you!

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