PainterClinic 22 (Aug. 16, 2014)

On August 12th the new version of Painter, Painter 2015 (twenty fifteen), was released and in this mammoth length PainterClinic I do a brief review of some of the what’s new, including the fab Particle brushes, and then use Painter 2015 to create a mixed photo collage / painting based on images I captured at the Paul McCartney concert at Candlestick Park on August 14. Besides using the new Particle brushes you’ll also see me use different selection tools, Reference Layers, layer masks and Composite Methods. I decided on this recording to include the initial introductions of who is attending and where they are tuning in from (we had participants from as far a field as the UK and the Netherlands). This introduction section takes up the first 14 minutes so if you wish to get right to the nitty gritty I recommend you skip ahead to the 14 minute point. The audio volume on the final music at the end is a wee bit loud so you may wish to hover your finger over the volume control when you get to the ending. I decided to share a little of the concert at the end so hang in there and enjoy it!

I will be creating detailed video tutorials on Painter 2015 going more methodically and deeper through the new features so keep a look out on PaintboxTV for that.

Video length: 1 hour 42 minutes 56 seconds
I recommend clicking on play button and then clicking on pause and waiting until streaming (blue line) at least half way across. This particular PainterClinic file is about 300 MB so will likely take longer to stream than most of the videos on this site which are much smaller files.

PainterClinic 22
August 16, 2014

As a PaintboxTV Premium Member you are invited to join the next PainterClinic. You’ll find the date, time and a link on the PainterClinic Link Page. You will need to register for the PainterClinic by sending me an email (all explained on the page link given above). Look forward to seeing you there!

IMPORTANT: Please note that PainterClinics are intended primarily as live real-time events. They are packed full of useful Painter tips and techniques and I encourage all PaintboxTV members to attend in real-time if at all possible. They are informal virtual meetings and a great opportunity for you to ask questions, get feedback on work and interact with me and fellow PaintboxTV members. I share these recordings as a courtesy to members who were not able to attend, and also to attendees who may wish to review some of the detailed step-by-steps I cover during the sessions. The PainterClinic recordings are largely UNEDITED. They are NOT formal edited tutorials and therefore you will find that they may include “umms” and “errs”, “pings” as people join and leave the meeting, pleasantries, spontaneity, conversation, discussion, reading from the chat log, attendee comments and informal Q & A. Please also note that the virtual meeting technology used, GoToMeeting, does not capture the web cams or the meeting chat log in the recordings, so please bear with me when I reference a web cam view or the chat log which you don’t see.

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  1. August 18, 2014
    Thank you Jeremy, that you are so quick with uploading the video. So I can finish to see and hear what you showed us last Saturday. And again my apologizes for leaving to early. Reply
  2. May 1, 2015
    This clinic(22) has helped me with making a collage. I am so thrilled with it. A collage like you do was my top priority and I am feeling able to try now. I was obviously doing something wrong, but at last it's all going o.k. Thank you Jeremy. Reply