Papers & Patterns (Part 2)

Demonstration of how to prepare a pattern source image for capturing as a masked pattern that you can apply using the Pattern Pen Masked variant. This includes a slight diversion into explaining how to use channels to save and recall a selection in an image. The pattern is then painted onto a layer which is adjusted in composite method and opacity to give a more subtle result. The artwork used as a demo example is “Avalon Olds”.

Video length: 8 minutes 4 seconds

February 12, 2014
Painter X3 In-Depth
Papers & Patterns (Part 2)


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  1. February 16, 2014
    Very well explained, this is a must to use in projects. Reply
  2. March 5, 2014
    I liked it. I have one question. When I capture a logo, it tiles. How do I make sure I get just one instead of a bunch? Reply
    • March 6, 2014
      Hi Istvan, Great question. Papers and patterns all tile in Painter,. If you do not wish to have tiling then you need to make sure your paper or pattern is either exactly the same size as your canvas OR you can make it a quarter of the size and then make the paper/pattern scale setting 400%. If you attend the next PainterClinic I'll be happy to show you! Cheers, Jeremy Reply