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PX3 Basics 1

Welcome to Painter X3 Basics! This series of videos (still being uploaded) is designed to take you step by step through the basics of using the world’s premier natural media digital paint program, Corel Painter X3. In this series of videos you’ll learn how to navigate your way around the program and some basic workflows for drawing and painting from direct observation, imagination and from photo reference. I will be posting a more advanced series of in-depth training videos on Painter X3 as well. Please look out for the start of that series in the coming days.

This first video of the Painter X3 Basics series introduces the Welcome window and explains how to open a new canvas and create canvas presets. This is designed for the complete beginner new to Painter.

It is worth ensuring you are working both with the latest version of Painter X3 and of the Wacom driver. For Painter, check from within the program by going to, on a Mac, Corel Painter X3 > Check for Updates (Mac) and, on a PC, Help > Check for Updates. For your tablet go to > Support > Drivers and then enter in your Tablet Model and Operating System. That will lead you to links for the latest driver to suit your tablet and system, including the date it was added. You can see which Wacom driver you currently have by clicking on About in the Wacom Control Panel.

Video length: 4 minutes 58 seconds

July 2013

Painter X3 Basics 1, Opening a New Canvas


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  1. August 8, 2013
    Hi Jeremy, You have done a great job going over all the essentials of Painter plus the new additions for PX3. These new features are really an asset to the program such as Search, Advanced Brush Controls, Setting limits to the number of color swatches from a picture you choose to make into swatches, the Quick cloning with cursor and the new Reference Image panel. It is all easy to understand for newcomers to Painter and for those that are acquainted with previous Painter programs. dfn Reply