Text on a Curve – Part 1
Prep Work: Font, Color & Size

This three part video tutorial was originally created in response to a question from Carole of Appleton, Wisconsin, who asked me about using text on a curve in Painter. I hope these videos fully answer Carole’s question and help throw light on a powerful but somewhat hidden capability of Corel Painter 2015. Painter has a very versatile, easy to use and intuitive text tool that is one of my first choices when wanting to integrate text in an artistic way into a painting (my choice depends on exactly what look and feel I am trying to achieve). In this first video I review the steps you need to make to prepare for working with text on a curve using the Text tool in Painter 2015. As you’ll see we first type the text, choose the font, adjust our font size, position the text and choose a font color.

If I am just wanting straight forward text for a flyer, business card, postcard or poster, then I generally do my text in a vector based program like Adobe Illustrator. However if I want to have artsy text, paint on text, and so on, then the Painter text tool is a great choice. The text in a Painter text layer is vector data and is resolution independent. As soon as it is converted to a default image layer the data becomes bitmap and is resolution dependent. My advice for using text in Painter and getting sharp looking text when you print is to always work at your maximum output print resolution (typically 300 ppi final size).

The Art Deco style font you see used in this South Beach Art Deco series case study is “Park Lane” by NickysFonts.com. The painting shown is part of the South Beach Art Deco series and is called Avalon Olds

Video length: 8 minutes 44 seconds

January 2015


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  1. January 9, 2015
    Great job again. It took me about three minutes to accomplish what I have been working on for DAYS!!! Carole LeRoy Reply