PainterLabs (formerly PainterClinics): Live Monthly Virtual Q&A Sessions for Premium Members

The virtual monthly PainterLabs are open to all current PaintboxTV Premium members without any charge and are included as part of your subscription. Please bring your questions, your artworks for critique, your projects for advice, and ask away!! This is your time to pick my brain about anything Painter:-)

Live Online Art Class: Painting with Design in Mind (in progress)

This live online class offers a structured learning environment with the flexibility and convenience of a virtual classroom. This art course includes art & technique lessons, homework assignments, demonstrations and discussions, all via virtual interaction and real time sessions. Each session is recorded and posted for students to review and student homework is posted on a class page. This class focuses on mastering, and being creative with, the varied art media and powerful tools of Corel Painter 2015.

Corel Painter 2015 Workshops & Presentations

iPad Art Workshops

Team iPad Art Workshops

One-to-One Personalized Training (Online or In-Person)

  • One-to-One
    Personalized training is available either in-person or online.

Studio Drawing Classes (Non-Digital)

“The Art & Technique of Collage Portraiture” Video Workshop

  • The Art & Technique of Collage Portraiture Video Download

  • Learn the art and technique of making magnificent and powerful digital collage portraits of people, places or events, using Corel Painter 2015 software on Mac or PC and a Wacom pen tablet. The training includes thorough, step-by-step, detailed, practical instruction and take you through the whole process I use in my real life collage projects, from inspiration and source image acquisition and organization, through to image completion, production and display.

Please also refer to the PaintboxTV Calendar for a month by month listing of all my workshops and events.