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Learn what a workspace is and how to import the PaintboxTV Painter X3 Workspace (downloadable by PaintboxTV Premium Members from the Painter X3 Extras download page). A workspace in Painter encompasses much more than just the layout of your palettes. My workspace includes six custom designed palette arrangements designed for different creative workflows and each including appropriate custom shortcut palettes, plus custom preferences and many extra brushes and libraries of custom art materials not included in the default install of Painter X3. This series of videos introduces you to five of the six palette arrangements, the sixth being color panels only for the times you want to paint with only the color panels showing on your screen. If you’re not yet a PaintboxTV Premium Member and wish to see a detailed description of what is included in my Painter X3 Extras I have pasted below the summary from the download page of the content of my PaintboxTV Painter X3 Workspace and other Extras. If you wish to subscribe and take advantage of the resources on this site, then you can choose your subscription option by clicking here.

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September 2013

Painter X3 In-Depth
X3 Workspace Intro Tour (Part 1 of 5)


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What’s included in the PaintboxTV Painter X3 Extras:

The PaintboxTV Painter X3 Workspace
A workspace in Painter includes all customizable aspects of the program such as the preference settings, extra brushes and art materials, custom palette layouts and custom shortcut palettes, and which libraries are showing. This is what is included within this custom workspace:

  1. A mixture of my favorite brushes, some golden oldies from earlier versions of Painter, some custom ones I and others have created, including a number of new brushes I have made specially for Painter X3 utilizing the new extra jitter brush control sliders, divided between five new JFaves8 brush categories – “JFaves8 Big Area Fill”, “JFaves8 Blendy Distorty”, “JFaves8 Bristly Organic”, “JFaves8 Impresionistic” and “JFaves8 Linear Sharp”. These replace all previous JeremyBoxSet and JeremyFave categories. You do not need to reimport the old categories from earlier workspaces.

  2. A prepared “My Faves” brush category ready to conveniently accept any of your own favorite variants you wish to copy to it. Copy any variant using Brushes > Copy Variant. The “My Faves” category will automatically appear as the default category into which you’ll copy variants because I have positioned the “My Faves” category at the top of the category list. I have pre-populated the “My Faves” brush category with two all time faves: “Den’s Oil Funky Chunky XCV” and “Jeremy’s MishMashScumble”. “XCV” at the end of any variant name indicates I have added extra color variability.

  3. Four custom shortcut palettes for different brush types – “Oily, Bristly, Dabby”, “Inky, Pencily, Chalky”, “Glazey, Splattery, Salty” and “Blendy, Runny, Distorty”.These are perfect for use with the Painter companion iPad app Cinco.

  4. A further eight custom shortcut palettes for different tasks, “Cnvas”, “Pprs”, “Brshs”, “Handy Shortcuts”, “Collage, Layers, Text”, “Capturing Paper Textures”, “Customizing Brushes” and “Capturing a Kaleidoscope Layer”.

  5. Six palette arrangements for different tasks and types of workflow: “1. Quick ’n’ Easy”; “2. Mainly Paint”;”3. Painting from Photos”; “4. Color Panels”; “5. Mainly Layers”; and “6. Brush Creation”. These are your main “go to” choices for adapting your workflow within my workspace. I recommend changing and adapting the palette arrangements (which you access through Window / Arrange Palettes). Once you make changes to any palette layout and wish to be able to easily return to your own custom version, save your layout via Window / Arrange Palettes / Save Layout. There is sometimes confusion between a palette layout or arrangement versus a workspace. A workspace is much more than just palette layouts. If you wish to see the default palette layout just go to Window / Arrange Palettes / Default. You do not need to change your workspace.

  6. Twenty seven custom template files, one of which is the Jeremy Artists’ Color Wheel that shows you the primary, secondary and tertiary colors and their tints, shades, colored neutrals, complements and analogous colors, and includes a spinnable mask layer you can use to isolate complements and analogous colors. Six of the templates are simple textured mid-tone colored canvases. The remaining twenty one templates are photographs I have taken of interesting textures, including natural woods and distressed or dirty industrial surfaces, all of which can serve as great canvas backgrounds or the basis for capturing textures and making textured layers and overlays.

  7. Sixteen extra custom color sets, many based on paintings by historic artists such as Matisse, Rembrandt and da Vinci. Some of the extra color sets can be seen immediately when you look at the Color Sets panel and scroll down through the library contents. Other are “hidden” and can be “revealed” via the Color Set Libraries panel pop-up menu Color Set Libraries. I have also imported six additional Corel supplied color sets beyond the four included in the default install.

  8. Inclusion of the keyboard shortcuts within the Brush Search field (works on Mac and Windows 8, but not on Windows 7). Great thanks and appreciation to Painter brush maker extraordinaire, fellow Painter Advisory Council member and all round Painter enthusiast, David Gell, who put the skill, time and effort into creating this search enhancement. See his web site JitterBrush.com where you’ll find his fabulous brushes, one of which, “David’s Sui Rui”, you’ll find in the “JFaves8 Bristly Organic” brush category of this workspace. His web site also has many other Painter related goodies.

  9. Extra art material libraries full of additional golden oldie legacy and custom content in the flow maps (80 extra flow maps), papers (107 extra papers), patterns (28 extra patterns) and nozzles (19 extra nozzles) libraries.

Inspirational Mixer Pad and Reference Image Collection
This inspirational collection includes 83 inspirational art masterpieces by artists from the last five hundred years, plus two sizes of an Artists’ Color Wheel I created that identifies the main colors and color relationships. These images can be loaded into the Mixer Pad by choosing Open Mixer Pad in the Mixer panel menu, and into the Reference Image panel via the load icon in the lower left corner of the panel.

X3 Keyboard Shortcuts
Summary the default keyboard shortcuts, which you can download also from within the Preferences > Customize Keys window. Note that on the Mac and Windows 8 these shortcuts will be searchable within the PBTV PX3 workspace.

Wacom Tablet Utility X3 Settings Files
Included in the Painter X3 Basics series of videos on this site you’ll find one that shares my custom settings for using the Wacom Intuos5 and Cintiq 22HDT tablets with Painter X3. It’s quite a lot of work to manually program all the settings. For your convenience I’ve included two Wacom preferences files here: JeremysWacomIntuos5M_PX3settings_MacOSX.wacomprefs and JeremysCintiq22HDT_for_PX3_Win7and8.wacomprefs. You can Restore your settings from these if you have the same model of tablets.

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  1. January 10, 2014
    Jeremy, I just wanted to say thanks for the many years you have taught and also inspired me with Painter and your creative artwork. I've been a fan since the early 90's but got side tracked with other projects and now I'm back learning Painter with the help of your great website. You're a great teacher who knows the program and also knows art! Reply