Amsterdam Corel Painter X3 Workshop
November 25 – 27

Amsterdam Painter Workshop hands-on digital painting instruction

Immerse yourself in the creative freedom of Corel Painter
with inspiration from the beautiful city of Amsterdam,
celebrating it’s 400th Anniversary, and from
Dutch Masters such as Rembrandt and van Gogh.

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What You’ll Learn

In this hands-on Corel Painter X3 workshop you will be empowered both technically and creatively. Through a combination of instructor demonstrations, hands-on exercises and project work you will learn the following skills:

  • Versatile and expressive workflow for painting from your photographs;

  • How to master, apply, control, customize and organize the brushes in the latest version of Corel Painter X3; and

  • How to expand your use and range of colour in an effective way.

The workshop syllabus is divided into three main themes:

    I. A Painterly Approach to Painting from Photo Reference

    Introduction to Painter X3 and to the PaintboxTV Painter X3 Workspace. Learn an effective, efficient and empowering workflow for creating painterly luscious colorful paintings from photo reference. Experiment in finding your own balance between realism and abstraction, and in adding richness of tone, color and texture to your digital paintings.

    II. All About Brushes – Exploration, Control and Customization

    Immerse yourself in the vast and rich range of Corel Painter brushes and get a deeper understanding and appreciation of the types of brush strokes you can make. Learn how to how to recognize, find, choose, apply, control, customize and organize the brushes. Working with

    III. Adding Textures, Accents & Finishing Touches

    Explore techniques for enhancing texture in your paintings, adding effective color accents and other finishing touches.

Amsterdam Painter Workshop hands-on digital painting instruction

Plus Special Guest Artist Ad van Bokhoven

Ad van Bokhoven ( is an amazing Dutch artist and we are very lucky to have him visit us during this workshop! His paintings have been featured on the Painter packaging as well as in the Welcome gallery within the program. The last time I taught in Amsterdam Ad’s presentation to the class was so inspiring I wrote up the talk in a PDF: “The Art and Inspiration of Ad van Bokhoven”.

Who This Workshop is For

This workshop is for anyone who is looking for a fresh, practical creative approach to painting on the digital canvas using the combination of Corel Painter with a Wacom tablet. Whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, a fine artist, illustrator, designer, or simply ready to explore and develop your creativity in digital paint, this class will provide you with a solid foundation from which to grow and develop.

The material covered will include intermediate to advanced level topics, as well as the fundamentals. The small class size means that a relative newcomer to Painter will still gain a lot, while I will ensure there is sufficiently advanced and challenging material for the more advanced Painter user also.

You do not need to have any formal art training or art background, or know how to paint or draw, to take this workshop. Naturally if you do have art training and experience that will reflect in how you use the tools and what you create. I encourage all my students to take traditional drawing classes since this helps train your eye as an artist and empowers you in every aspect of image making. However such training is not required. No matter what your background, in this class you will enjoy an unforgettable educational and inspiring experience that will bring you pleasure for years to come.

The Venue

The venue for this workshop is Centrum de Roos located at Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat 183, 1071 BW Amsterdam, Netherlands, telephone +31 20 689 0081. It is a beautiful place with a lovely outdoor cafe, and is situated overlooking the wonderful Vondel Park, and just a few minutes from Museum Plein where the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk and the van Gogh Museum are all located. We shall be in the Park Zaal. I ran my last Amsterdam Painter Workshop there and it was a great location!


10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Workshop Fee

The workshop fee is $995 for three days tuition (which does not include travel, food or accommodation). Register at the PaintboxTV Store

Preparation & Requirements

This is a hands-on workshop in which you will work with your own computer and Wacom pen-tablet (for Painter upgrades and purchases, and for Painter/Wacom bundles, see You’ll be expected to be familiar with how to use your computer and do basic tasks such as finding their way around the folders, copying files and opening applications, and have had some experience within Corel Painter. Please ensure you have the latest version of Corel Painter X3 and the latest Wacom driver installed and working. I recommend that you program your Wacom tablet Express Keys as per my guide (see Downloads > Painter Extras), and have imported my latest Painter workspace from PaintboxTV (also see Downloads > Painter Extras), ahead of arriving in class. This preparation will allow more time to be devoted to painting.


I recommend staying in the historic old center of Amsterdam with its quaint grachts (canals) and charming cafes etc. There are many hotels and B&Bs and it is not easy to differentiate the good from the bad! One very nice four star hotel with excellent reviews is the Ambassade Hotel (shown above). This hotel is on a beautiful gracht and has an artistic edge with a superb collection of original paintings and sculptures from the Cobra school. It is located about twenty minutes walk or ten minute cycle from the workshop location. If you’re looking for something lower cost you could also try and other similar sites.

Tips for Visitors

There is sooo much to do and see in Amsterdam!! If you’re visiting from abroad I highly recommend you plan to spend at least a few extra days in Amsterdam around the workshop. With the city is celebrating it’s 400th anniversary, 2013 is a very special year in Amsterdam! Several major art museum renovations have been completed specially in time for this celebration. The Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk and the van Gogh Museum are all reopening after long closures.

First on a practical level, if you fly in and out of Schipol Airport I recommend getting Fyra return train tickets (8,80 EUR each) for the 17 minute journey between the airport and Amsterdam Centraal Station (they leave every 30 minutes at 17 and 47 minutes past the hour):

When you arrive in Amsterdam Centraal Station I recommend, if you’re going to be using trams much, buying a GVB pass for the number of days you’ll be in Amsterdam. The pass covers unlimited travel on all Amsterdam buses, trams and metro: The center of Amsterdam is wonderful to walk around and, if you’re adventurous, to cycle arround. If you wish to bike I recommend renting an authentic Dutch bike from Star Bikes Rental, located near the Centraal Station, for the duration of your stay in Amsterdam. Call them ahead of time and book your bike.

If you’re going to visit a few museums it’s well worth buying a Museumkaart (€49.90) from the Uitburo (AUB), Leidseplein 26:

Here are some suggestions of major museum exhibitions that will be on at the same time as the workshop, and that I recommend you visit for inspiration and ideas prior to class:

Small Class Size Combined with Effective and Engaging Teaching

This class will be limited to a maximum of six students. The small class size ensures every student receives individual one-on-one attention. My teaching style is practical, down-to-earth, engaging, organized and rooted in what works for me in my own professional art practice and what I have learned from over twenty years of experience painting with Painter, plus many more years working with traditional media. I am an enthusiastic, patient, encouraging and supportive teacher. I believe in building solid foundations and teaching from the ground up. This workshop is a wonderful opportunity for you to stretch yourself creatively on every level. This is the perfect class for you if you wish to deepen your mastery of Painter, loosen up your brush strokes, expand your use of color and break out of the box!

I teach a methodical, well-structured and yet open-minded, improvisational and transformational approach to painting from your digital photographs that will stretch your creative muscles and empower you to express your vision in paint. Click here to read what former students have said.

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This workshop is brought to you with generous support from Corel Corporation