Painter’s Early Days<br>PainterChat with John Derry

Painter’s Early Days
PainterChat with John Derry

John Derry reminisces about his life in digital art and his work with Painter in the early days…

The Origins of Painter<br>by Mark Zimmer

The Origins of Painter
by Mark Zimmer

Mark Zimmer, co-inventor of Painter, shares some stories about the origins of Painter.

The Origins of Vutek Prints<br>by Richard Noble

The Origins of Vutek Prints
by Richard Noble

Artist Richard Noble shares his experience using Vutek prints in the early days of Painter.

A History of Wacom<br>by Mr. Yamada

A History of Wacom
by Mr. Yamada

Masahiko Yamada, Wacom’s President & CEO, discusses the history of the Wacom pen tablet and his vision for the future.