iPad Art Apps Bootcamp, June 11th, 2016

If you are interested in learning how to sketch, draw and paint on the iPad, please join this one day intensive workshop.

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From left:
Vegas Neon Boneyard Jumble, 2016, by Jeremy Sutton (iPad Pro / Sketch Club / Apple Pencil)
Umbria, 2015, by Jeremy Sutton (iPad Air / Fnngr pro / Art Rage, Pencil by 53)
Sleeping on Train, 2015, by Jeremy Sutton (iPad Air / Sketch Club / Pencil by 53)
Painting Elvis, 2016, live iPad painting by Jeremy Sutton at corporate event in Las Vegas (iPad Pro / Sketch Club / Apple Pencil)

Get to Know Art Apps

Want to get a handle on some of the most cool, powerful and artistic iPad sketching and painting apps out there? Want to dig into the mechanics, the “how to” and the brush looks of each app? Then this is the class for you! In this intensive information-packed look at some of the great art apps that I use professionally I will review some of my favorite, highlighting their signature features, demonstrating their unique strengths and capabilities, giving a taste of the types of marks you can make in the app, and helping you decide which apps to go to for different tasks, looks and effects. The apps will be primarily sketching and painting apps, with some powerful photo manipulation apps thrown into the mix. The focus of this class is on apps that produce “bitmap” pixel images (usually exported in PSD, JPG or PNG file formats), rather than apps that produce resolution-independent vector images (usually exported in SVG or PDF formats). For a list of apps, some of which we will cover in the workshop, please see the iPad Art Tools page. You’ll enjoy hands-on exercises throughout the day that give you an opportunity to practice the techniques and tools we cover.

What You’ll Learn About Each App
On the systems and utility level you will learn how to set up and organize the apps on your iPad; how to create, add to and edit custom albums to store your artwork and backgrounds; and how to adjust the app settings. On an app by app basis, depending on which features there are in each app, you will learn how to create and customize new canvases, and what size to choose when creating a new canvas; how to use the in-app gallery and go between gallery and draw modes; how to open and import photographs and backgrounds over which to draw and paint; how to choose, control, organize and customize brushes and become familiar with their range of marks and looks; how to choose and adjust color; how to use layers for extra versatility; how to transform, move and rescale layers and portions of layers; how to manipulate photos and mix them in with brushstrokes and other imagery; how to undo and redo steps, and how many levels of undo there are; how to save, share, organize, export and print your completed artworks, and how large a print you can make; how to record and export amazing replay videos; and how to easily go between different apps (“round-tripping” or “multi-apping”) as you work on an artwork, exporting from one tool and importing into another.

iPad Life drawing by Jeremy, 2016, created at Palo Alto Cultural Center using iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Paintstorm


The location of this class, Art Atelier SF (studio 306), is in the 1890 Bryant Street Studios, one of the premier art studio buildings in the city, with over 75 artists in the building. The building, part of the former Best Food mayonnaise factory, is located in the creative hub of the Mission District where high tech meets fine art.

Class Hours

9am – 5pm, with an hour break for lunch from noon to 1pm.

Tuition Fee

$299 Click here to register. Simple refreshments will be available. Lunch is not included.

Please note that, as per the PaintboxTV Terms and Conditions, “All purchases, including all registrations for workshops and classes, are FINAL and are NON-REFUNDABLE. If a user changes their mind, or is for any reason unable to attend a class or workshop they registered for, and can give more the seven days notice before a class starts, then the value of the registration payment can be applied to a later class or workshop or any other product or service offered on PaintboxTV.”

Small Class Size

There will be a maximum of twelve students, so everyone will get individual attention and benefit from this action-packed workshop of digital art education. They will have fun and be inspired and stretched creatively. The small class size allows students to learn at their own pace.

Materials List

Each student will need to bring a fully charged iPad with charging cables and plug adaptors, stylus and with the latest versions of apps installed. Though we will not have time to cover every app mentioned on the iPad Art Tools page, I recommend installing them all. You can use any iPad from the iPad 2 onwards, full size or mini. If you don’t have a stylus I have some extra I can loan for the workshop. If you have the iPad Pro then I highly recommend getting the Apple Pencil. If you are considering purchasing an iPad then I absolutely recommend going for the iPad Pro / Apple Pencil combination!

Conversation at Umbria, 2015, by Jeremy Sutton (iPad Air / Pencil by 53 / FnngrPro / Art Rage)

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Thoughts on Mobile Digital Art

What about other mobile devices besides the iPad?

There is an ever growing list of excellent and powerful mobile art tools and devices, including the Wacom Cintiq Companion (Windows 10 and Android), Microsoft Surface Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note, etc etc… Each platform and device has it’s own fan based and dedicated users, plus there are many good apps which only exist on one platform or another. Sketch Club, for instance, is only on iOS while Art Flow is only on Android. In my classes I teach practical lessons based on my own experience as a professional artist. You learn about the tools I use every day. In my case, the iPad is my main mobile art tool and that is why I am focusing on teaching with it.

Do I need any training or experience in drawing or painting, or in using iPad art apps?

No prior art experience, or digital painting experience, is needed to take this workshop. Naturally it’ll be useful to be familiar with the basics of how to use an iPad, though everything will be explained clearly from the ground up without assumptions about prior knowledge.

“Valentine Standing”, 2015, iPad Air + Sketch Club + Pencil by 53
This sketch was created from life at a Dr. Sketchy’s drawing session in San Francisco.

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Hotel Rex (great 1920s style lounge)

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Your instructor, digital painting pioneer Jeremy Sutton, has performed live iPad painting at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington D.C., the opening of the “David Hockney: Bigger Exhibition” in the De Young Museum, San Francisco; and at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. He has taught iPad art workshops and classes internationally including in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, and at the Seoul Museum of Art, Korea.

Live iPad painting replay video of the art created at the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s “America Now! Innovation in Art” (3m 50s)