iPadArtJam 13 <br>June 14th, 2017<br>Zen Brush 2 / Procreate Mix

iPadArtJam 13
June 14th, 2017
Zen Brush 2 / Procreate Mix

Combination painting: Zen Brush 2 followed by Procreate.

iPadArtJam 12 <br>May 27th, 2017<br>Procreate Portrait Demo

iPadArtJam 12
May 27th, 2017
Procreate Portrait Demo

Look at live event paintings, scenes and portraits, created using Procreate.

iPadArtJam 11 <br>April 25th, 2017 <br>Monet & Matisse Inspiration

iPadArtJam 11
April 25th, 2017
Monet & Matisse Inspiration

Inspiration from Monet and Matisse and live Sketch Club figure drawing demo.

iPadArtJam 10 <br>March 21st, 2017 <br>Procreate – Color Drop Technique

iPadArtJam 10
March 21st, 2017
Procreate – Color Drop Technique

Cover file resolution, mixed media and Color Drop technique in Procreate.