Thick Paint<br>Impasto (Part 1)

Thick Paint
Impasto (Part 1)

Demonstration of the Impasto Oil brush, including adjusting some of the Advanced Brush Controls for finer control.

Thick Paint<br>Impasto (Part 2)

Thick Paint
Impasto (Part 2)

Look at brush variants that have the Impasto effect but are not in the Impasto brush category.

Thick Paint<br>Impasto (Part 3)

Thick Paint
Impasto (Part 3)

Learn how Liquid Ink brushes can be made to look like thick impasto paint….

Thick Paint<br>Van Gogh (Part 1)

Thick Paint
Van Gogh (Part 1)

A close look at the thick paint on some of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings.