Learn how Painter allows you to make a digital mosaic based on this ancient art form.

2012-11-14 23:28

Learn how to apply the mosaic paint, color, tint, lighten and darken tools, and how to render the mosaic into a channel mask.

2012-11-13 23:37

See how to use the mosaic mask to add texture, embossment and depth to the tiles and the grout.

2012-11-12 23:39

See how the mosaic mode in Painter allows you to automatically fill a circular selection with a mosaic spiral of tiles.

2012-11-11 23:43

See how you can paint from a photo using mosaic tiles!

2012-11-10 23:44

Tessellations are repeating elements that fit together …

2012-11-09 16:28

Concluding this series we explore the transformation …

2012-03-03 00:50