Introduction to a twelve part video series on my post-print painting techniques.

2010-12-12 11:42

Visit the art store and get your tools and materials.

2010-12-11 12:02

Tips on preparing rough edges in your digital file prior to printing.

2010-12-10 12:09

Fix your print before painting on it.

2010-12-09 17:09

Gel your surface, following the forms of the composition and generating a painterly finish.

2010-12-08 17:12

Lay out your colors on a palette (of the non digital kind!)

2010-12-07 17:17

Time to start painting!

2010-12-06 17:20

Palette knife painting technique demonstrated.

2010-12-05 17:22

Demonstration of brush work on the canvas, including glazing techniques.

2010-12-04 17:28

Stretch your canvas.

2010-12-03 17:31

Some closing words encouraging you to go for it with your own post-print painting!

2010-12-02 17:33

And just one more thing….:-)

2010-12-01 17:35

Completion of the addition of brush stroke textures with a clear gloss gel over the printed canvas.

2010-07-05 21:17

The gelled canvas is stretched over thick stretcher bars.

2010-07-04 21:44

See the completion of the canvas …

2010-07-03 21:47

Using a palette knife, I add acrylic paint directly into the gelled canvas surface.

2010-07-02 21:20

Final touches of acrylic paint applied …

2010-07-01 21:30

Review of the way I work onto my canvas prints with acrylic gels and paint.

2009-12-01 12:15