Archive Recordings of “The Art & Technique of Collage Portraiture” Video Workshop

Dad Collage Painting by Jeremy Sutton

San Francisco Heart Collage Painting by Jeremy Sutton

Annette and Hanson's Wedding Day Collage Painting by Jeremy Sutton

Opportunity to Learn In-Depth Digital Compositing and Collage Techniques

By watching these archive recordings of “The Art & Technique of Collage Portraiture” Video Workshop, you will learn the art and technique of making magnificent and powerful digital collage portraits of people, places or events, using Corel Painter 2015 software on Mac or PC and a Wacom pen tablet. The training includes thorough, step-by-step, detailed, practical instruction and take you through the whole process I use in my real life collage projects, from inspiration and source image acquisition and organization, through to image completion, production and display. Learn how to make effective collage compositions, to create a visual hierarchy of content, to master the management and manipulation of multiple layers and create amazing artworks, plus detailed techniques, workflow and mechanics of working with Corel Painter 2015.

Recordings of the Live Sessions

The main bulk of this video training was recorded live during three days of GoToTraining online sessions on December 15, 16 and 17, 2014. Please note that these live recordings include discussions, Q&A and banter with the participants who attended live. When you register for this video workshop you will be sent a password for accessing, watching and downloading all the training videos. Registration is just for current PaintboxTV members. The registration fee for accessing the archive recordings of this video training is $99. If you wish to register please click on this link:
You will then have access to the recordings for as long as you are a PaintboxTV member.

Case Studies

During the training I share a number of different projects as case studies, including the artworks Dad, San Francisco Heart and Annette and Hanson’s Wedding Day Collage shown above.



1. Introduction
What is Collage Portraiture, Why Collage Portraiture, Art & Design Principles

2. Analysis of Collage Portrait Examples
How Art & Design Principles Have Been Applied

3. Preparation
The Tools, Materials & Media You Will Need and How to Optimize and Customize Your Tools for Maximum Efficiency

4. Creating a Plan
Begin with Inspiration and a Strong Story

5. Collecting Your Imagery
Source Image Research & Acquisition

6. Organizing your Source Images
Creating a Visual Hierarchy of Content, Choosing Your Base Background and Main Foundational Image


7. Template Creation
Determining Template Size and Constructing Your Template

8. Making Selections
Techniques and Tools

9. Copying and Pasting
From a Secondary Image into the Working Template

10. Mastering the Management and Manipulation of Multiple Layers
Controlling, Organizing and Adjusting Layers

11. Cloning Techniques
Creating and Utilizing Clone Source Templates, Additive versus Subtractive Image Mixing

12. Texture Techniques
Capturing, Saving and Applying Custom Papers

13. Final Digital Touches
Painting & Resolving Until Ready for Printing

14. Printing
File Preparation and Substrate/Size/Media Choices and Resources

15. Post-Print Techniques & Considerations
Gelling, Painting


16. Installation and Display Considerations
Mounting, Framing, Labelling and Lighting

What equipment/software/tools/resources will I need to follow this training?

Ideally you will have a Mac or PC with the latest version of Painter 2015 and a Wacom tablet with the latest Wacom driver installed. The tutorials are all made using Painter 2015, including use of my latest Painter 2015 workspace which you can download from the Painter Extras section of this site.

What level of Painter user do I need to be?

This class assumes some basic familiarity with the Painter 2015 interface, brushes and menus (which are all explained in the Painter 2015 Basics series on this site).

How might I use the techniques I learn in this workshop?

For portraying people, places or events in a unique and deep way that tells a story in time and space. Examples could include wedding collages, tribute portraits, family celebrations, corporate and client commissions, personal work.

How is the content of this different from what I can learn from the regular PaintboxTV videos?

There are a number of collage-themed video tutorials already available on PaintboxTV to all PaintboxTV Premium members (click on Topics > Collage).This video workshop addresses the complete digital workflow from image capture to final digital touches and empower you to create your own magnificent collage portrait paintings. It will include longer and more in-depth videos than regular PaintboxTV tutorial videos. PaintboxTV serves as a valuable and highly recommended complement to this Video Workshop that will keep you up-to-date and support you in implementing the lessons you learn from this Video Workshop.

If you still have any questions please feel free to email me (

Jeremy Sutton