Drawing from Life
mDAC Summit Class Notes

“Inky”, 2015, iPad Air + Art Set Pro + Pencil by 53

Drawing from Life
Figure Drawing with Live Model using Sketch Club

August 9th, 10am – 11:45am, mobile Digital Art & Creativity Summit, Palo Alto Art Center

Instructor: Jeremy Sutton (jeremy@jeremysutton.com)

Model: Inky (inkybunny2011@gmail.com)

Please email Inky and I any drawings and replay videos you made during the class – we’d love to see them! I’ve posted some in my News & Views blog post on JeremySutton.com.

You will be led in art exercises designed to help you loosen up on the digital canvas and draw what you see. Please share your drawings and video replays with Jeremy & Inky via email (given above), and include Jeremy’s handle (@jeremydsutton) if you post them on social media. Thank you!! The top three (plus one) essential take aways are:

  1. Observe with intensity & intention

  2. Make every mark meaningful

  3. Go for the essence

  4. Suggest rather than describe

The book referred to in my introductory remarks:

The app and stylus I used and demonstrated during the session were:

  • Sketch Club app

  • Pencil by 53 stylus

I mentioned and showed examples of drawings created using Art Set Pro and also referred to the Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2:

Further Learning & Resources