The Joy of Sketching
with Particle Brushes

See a self-portrait, sketched from observation, created using a few of the new Particle brushes introduced in the newly released Painter 2015. This video was originally created for Corel to show the Particle brushes in use (and is featured on the new web site). I share how I go about building up my self-portrait and along the way make some adjustments to the brush advanced controls, explaining and showing the impact of and difference between, for instance, the global and local chaos sliders.

Video length: 26 minutes 2 seconds

August 2014

The Joy of Sketching
with Painter 2015 Particle Brushes

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  1. September 10, 2014
    Turners canvas? Reply
    • September 10, 2014
      Yes, Ad, Turner's actual raw canvas that I photographed in the Tate Britain where they display a large unfinished painting of his with quite a few wonderful bare patches of unpainted canvas! Reply
      • October 28, 2014
        Yes I wondered where you got your Turner's canvas from Jeremy. Set me thinking I might adopt a similar way of creating a personal texture for a canvas. Reply