Virtual One-to-One Remote Personalized Art Training Session

A great way to work on your creative & technical skills and get in-depth, customized online training tailored to your needs…


Virtual One-to-One remote personalized art training offers flexible, individualized online instruction with myself, Jeremy Sutton, PaintboxTV founder and chief instructor, specifically tailored to your needs and interests. This can include digital and/or traditional media, tools and techniques including, though not limited to, such topics as:

  • iPad Drawing and Painting Using Procreate and Other Apps

  • Making Your own Augmented Reality Art Using Artivive

  • Painting from Photo Reference Using Corel Painter on Mac or PC, including collage technique

  • Artistic expression: use of bold colors, expanding your palette, enriching your textures and surfaces, expressing your individual style, etc

To Set Up a Session

Virtual One-to-One offers an efficient and effective way to expand your skills and achieve your artistic goals. I can help you with projects you are working on, teach techniques and tools, do demonstrations. To set up a personalized One-to-One training session please email me at Once we set up a time and topic I’ll send you a Zoom link to join the virtual meeting which I recommend you join from a Mac or PC.


Virtual One-to-One sessions cost $200 / hour, with a minimum of 1 hour, charged through PayPal and paid in advance of the session.


My One-to-One virtual sessions are run with the virtual meeting platform called Zoom. Please visit my Zoom 101 page for details on how to prepare for a session and what to expect.


“Jeremy, Thank you so very much. I appreciate all of your help soooooo much. I always seem to get stuck on something technical. You have explained these things so well. You are such a great teacher.”
~ Gail dM. (virtual session One-to-One)

“I had first met Jeremy through his DVDs and watching his Paintbox TV. I was intrigued enough by his easy teaching methods, and with my desire to improve my painting skills, to then spend two days with him with one-on-one instruction. As I suspected, he is an excellent teacher and easy to spend time with. During those two days I learned the basics of Painter 12 and Jeremy’s approach to digital painting. Even though the DVD’s and Paintbox TV are instructive, working side by side with Jeremy greatly accelerated my learning process. My time learning Painter 12 with Jeremy was excellent and well rewarding. By the end of the two days of personal lessons I was able to paint from an image, see clearly how to approach the painting, identify the areas of light and dark, paint with clone and non-cloned image and complete a beautiful painting with a beautiful, colorful background, distinct subject and professional finish. Painter is a complex program and learning its many capabilities with step-by-step instruction gave me the confidence to continue to paint with it. Jeremy’s approach to painting is uninhibited, expressive and instructive. He lives his craft and communicates it willingly and easily.”
~ Charles K. (in-person One-to-One)

“Loved being able to fine tune lessons to my needs. Jeremy’s wonderful patience and his not being afraid to stop and explain things a second time, made the training outstanding.”
~ Bill J. (in-person One-to-One)