Remote Digital Draw-Along: Team Building & Conference Marketing

A great way to bring together a team or group of conference attendees and to bring out their creativity!

To discuss a Digital Draw-Along, please email me at I look forward to working with you!

Digital Draw-Alongs make drawing fun and easily accessible to all. These remote sessions are engaging and interactive as well as educational, motivational and inspiring. They are ideal as a team building or conference creativity session which brings everyone together virtually for a refreshing time of digital drawing and artistry!

I customize each session to suit the needs of your particular team or group. That includes what art media and streaming technology are used, the subject matter we draw and the duration of the session. I can teach any size group.

The tools I usually use are the Zoom Webinar remote conferencing technology while drawing with the iPad, Apple Pencil and Procreate app. I can use any client-specified conferencing technology and digital paint platform and media. The participants can also work on any media, digital or otherwise.

I cover all the practical workflow basics. The focus in my Digital Draw-Alongs is on the fundamental principles of observational drawing and freeing yourself up in the creative process. Participants will experience and learn the following creative skills, many of which can be applied in other fields and aspects of life, professional and personal:

  • the art of taking risks on the digital canvas

  • observational and hand-eye coordination skills

  • the power of playfulness

  • the balance of chaos and order within the creative process

  • the value of embracing serendipity

  • how to flow with improvisation

  • observational skills for drawing what you see

  • approach to depicting form through light and shade

  • creative ways to use color

  • the freedom of transforming “mistakes” into valuable contributions to the enrichment of your canvas

  • how to record, replay and share their process


“Really enjoyed the day! Very welcoming and relaxed. Enjoyed Jeremy’s teaching style. Great way to break out creatively using technology.”
~ Natalie G., brought 14 person team from Europe and the Americas to Jeremy Sutton Studios for a one day private iPad workshop