iPadArtJam 61<br>July 14, 2021<br>Abstract made Using SketchClub

iPadArtJam 61
July 14, 2021
Abstract made Using SketchClub

Using SketchClub app to create an abstract artwork.

iPadArtJam 60<br>June 9, 2021<br>Italian Landscape in Procreate

iPadArtJam 60
June 9, 2021
Italian Landscape in Procreate

Painting an Italian landscape using Procreate.

iPadArtJam 59<br>May 12, 2021<br>Layer Masks in Procreate

iPadArtJam 59
May 12, 2021
Layer Masks in Procreate

Review of Layer Masks in Procreate.

iPadArtJam 58<br>April 14th, 2021<br>Adobe Fresco

iPadArtJam 58
April 14th, 2021
Adobe Fresco

Demonstration of the recolor and other features in Procreate.