PaintboxTV Testimonials

A big BRAVO. The site is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.
Jackie J., Indio, California

WOWOW! Your new site is soooo exciting looking! And has so many wonderful areas to explore and is sooo colorful! It is wonderful! It is simply gorgeous!….so well laid out.
PK S., Seabrook, South Carolina

I have spent the last few days viewing a number of your videos and I must say, I’m very impressed with your approach to teaching. Frankly I didn’t expect such depth in preparation for each assignment. I don’t know if you have a degree in teaching but from the looks of your lessons, I think you are doing a very thorough job. I find your approach in using Painter to generate art a very brilliant approach, one that I hadn’t anticipated. Unfortunately I have not given Painter much of an effort in the past because I was having difficulty applying the technology to the creation of art. Your approach certainly has opened up my imagination in its application.
Cary C., Moab, Utah

I am really enjoying the PaintboxTV … watched your talk with Rhoda “Draws,” and although I have her book I learned so much more about about her and her Painter philosophy through those few minutes on PBTV. And “meeting” “Heather the Painter” was fun too. Looking forward to watching everything that comes my way here.
Bonnie B., Avalon, New Jersey

I really like the new PaintBox TV. It has worked beautifully – exactly the way I thought it should.
John V., San Diego, California

I really love PaintboxTV – the tutorials and videos are extremely helpful and inspiring!
Candice E., Turner Valley, Alberta, Canada

I watched the two most recent videos that you posted. I especially like the one on the brush variants. I had played with these previously, but they mean so much more after watching your video. Very good tutorial and good delivery. I enjoy your casual style.
Bob M., Birmingham, Alabama

I have been diving into your materials provided on PaintboxTV. I am amazed at how much you have included and how much I am learning already. It all came at the right time when we were waiting to make the next leap forward but needed a jump start. Once again, you have decreased the learning curve and upped our enthusiasm for our art. Very Appreciative…..
Donna S., Eureka, California

I took a look at all that was on the PaintboxTV site and I was just blown away. I watched the first 5 lessons from the first classes on Painter 12 as you suggested and its just awesome. Thank you so very much. Besides loving everything that you paint, I love the way you teach. You make it fun and you leave nothing out. Thanks a bunch. You are the best.
Judith P., Lakeside, California

Great Painter 12 videos!! I enjoyed your videos very much and felt you did a great job of explaining the new additions that Painter 12 has. I especially appreciated you using a low resolution for demonstration purposes as one could see the new menus and how they looked while you were demonstrating so it was easy to follow.
Deanna N., Amana, Iowa

I am enjoying and exploring the tutorials. As usual you did a fantastic job.
Josh O., Kusadasi, Turkey

I love your videos! You are just what I need to loosen up my style as I get started in Painter. Last night I watched a few of them and they are fantastic! You did a great job with them. You are very gifted at sharing your knowledge in a clear and understandable way. Painter is so robust that it can be overwhelming without guidance such as you’re providing!
Kathy S., Chugwater, Wyoming

As always I like your videos and all the other stuff. You have a God-given gift to communicate your experience to others. Even for an old man in a foreign language.
Carl R., Fetsund, Norway

Your new videos on Painter 12 were so good I purchased the upgrade.
David F., Fayetteville, New York

Almost through all your videos. Finding myself rationing them as I learn so much from you. Will have to watch them over several hundred times more!
Nick T, Barnstable, Massachusetts

I really love the video tutorials on PaintboxTV, particularly now that I can enjoy them on my iPad. I often open Painter on my computer, then follow the video tutorial on my IPad propped next to my computer. It limits the number of windows I have open on my computer and makes it easier to focus on the details of both the tutorial and my painting at the same time. Thank you for PaintboxTV — it’s making a big difference in my work. Thanks for providing the Painter 12 tutorials on PaintboxTV so quickly after the new release. These are the first tutorials I’ve seen.
Kaye B., Carolina Beach, North Carolina

I love your brushes, patterns (what a surprise), and nozzles. I also think Happy Feet is MARVELOUS.
~ Carroll S., Chevy Chase, Maryland

I love PaintboxTV.
~ Roger G., Encinitas, California

Thank you for the latest tutorial on PaintboxTV. It was fantastic and I learnt a lot from it.
~ Bernie W., Canberra, Australia