The Portrait Conversation
Episode 16
Dr. Stacey Efstathiou, Virologist
Q&A on COVID-19 Vaccines

1 hour 39 minutes

The Portrait Conversation, Episode 16, welcomes back special guest Dr. Stacey Efstathiou, who was previously featured in The Portrait Conversation, Episodes 4 and 12.

Stacey is a well-respected virologist, a world expert on herpesvirus, who was Head of Viral Vaccines at the National Institute of Biological Standards and Control from 2015 to 2018; and was Head Of Division (Virology) at the Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge, UK, from 2003 to 2010. He has published almost 100 scientific papers; is author of three patents; has been a keynote speaker at numerous international conferences; was Editor in Chief of the Journal of General Virology; and was a member of the Medical Research Council (MRC) Infection and Immunity Board.

In this conversation we get a global overview of how vaccinations are going world-wide and how that’s impacting the slowing down of the pandemic, the differences between different vaccines, the roadmap for returning to post-pandemic normalcy and how that may differ from pre-pandemic normalcy, and address questions, concerns and fears about vaccines, including these:

  • β€œThe vaccines have been developed so quickly I don’t trust that scientists really know anything about potentially dangerous long term effects.”

  • β€œI don’t trust big pharma. They just want to make money.”

  • β€œI’m waiting for the Novavax (or other) vaccine since I’ve heard that’s better and safer than all the others.

  • β€œIs COVID-19 really worse than the flu?”

  • β€œHow do we know people are really dying and it’s not made up by the mainstream media and government wanting to control us?”

  • β€œI’ve already had COVID-19 so I’m already immunized. Why would I need to take the risk of taking a vaccine on top of that?”

  • β€œI’ve heard Bill Gates has added something like a tracking device or microchip to the vaccine and it’s being implanted in all of us.”

  • β€œI’ve heard that an additional Pfizer shot will be needed. When will this end?”

  • β€œI’ve already had the first shot of Pfizer (or Moderna). Why do I need to bother with the second shot? Haven’t I already got enough immunity from the first?”

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