The Portrait Conversation 2<br>Ryan Francois, Dancer<br>London’s East End to Lindy Hop World Stage

The Portrait Conversation 2
Ryan Francois, Dancer
London’s East End to Lindy Hop World Stage

Enjoy this Portrait Conversation, Episode 2, with featured special guest Ryan Francois, dancer, choreographer and performer. Ryan, a world renowned master Lindy Hop Swing Dance Choreographer and Performer, 2 time winner of the U.S. Open and American Swing Dance Championships. Ryan is originally from my home town of London. He joined us live for this Portrait Conversation from Saint Petersburg, Russia, on April 17th and 24th, 2020.

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Part 1: Improvisation, Dreams, Jazz & Roots


Part 1 Overtime: Reading, Singing, Fighting & Dancing


Part 2: Motivation, Education & Touring


Part 2 Overtime: Film, Stage, TV & Music


Popularly known for his choreography on Strictly Come Dancing especially the Charleston routine that earned Chris Hollins & Ola Jordan Five 10’s and the win in the Strictly finals, Ryan Francois is an authority on dances connected and related to the Jazz & Swing era – including, The Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Jive, Charleston, Tap, Be Bop and Blues. Ryan is the the founder and Artistic director of the dance Company Swing X – Treme a fusion based group specializing in Ryan’s favorite dance style, The Lindy Hop.

Ryan’s works include the Broadway Musical “Swing!”nominated for 7 Tony Awards – including best choreography; The Disney Motion Picture “Swing Kids” Starring Christian Bale & Robert Sean Leonard; and “Do You Come Here Often” winner of the Olivier Award for best entertainment. Other credits include:

  • Strictly Dance Fever Seasons 1 & 2 _ BBC Television Featured Performer & Choreographer

  • Dancing With The Stars _ ABC Network – Guest Artist

  • Britain’s Got Talent _ITV – Choreographer ‘Candyman’ _ Swing X-Treme and The Irresistible’s

  • The Tony Awards _ The cast of “Swing” at Radio City Music Hall – Choreographer and Performer.

In a career that has spanned over 20 years, notable moments include:

  • “Idlewild” with OutKast for it’s innovation of fusing Hip Hop with Swing.

  • “Dudley Moore A Man For All Seasons” at Carnegie Hall especially meeting and working with Hollywood Legend Lauren Bacall.

  • “The Polar Express” Robert Zemeckis for the simple pleasure of being a dancing Elf.

  • The 2000 Tony Awards.

  • & His Guest performances with Jenny Thomas for “Dancing With The Stars” and Elton John’s 60th Birthday.

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Performance Videos

Here are some video clips showing Ryan performing on stage, TV and film, in music videos, and at festivals and dance camps, over the years, as well as examples of his choreography performed by his own dance troupes and other dancers he has worked with and trained.

Winter Black Swing Festival, Spain, 2018


Policoro in Swing, Italy, 2016


Lana Williams and Ryan, Festival Jazz aux Sources, Chatel-Guyon, France, 2016


Strictly Come Dancing – Intro with Lindy Hoppers, 2016


Frankie Award Messages For Ryan, Italy, 2016


Jitterbug Stroll, Rock That Swing Festival (RTSF), Munich, Germany, 2016


Jay McGuiness & Aliona Vilani Charleston to Dr Jazz – Strictly Come Dancing, 2015


‘Entry of the Gladiators’, Jake Wood & Janette Charleston, Strictly Come Dancing, BBC One, 2014


The Jump Session Show, Rhythm Routine, 2013


The Jump Session Show, Mr. Zoots, 2013


‘Bang Bang’, Natalie Gumede & Artem dance the Charleston, Strictly Come Dancing, BBC One, 2013


TEDx Albertopolis, The real Harlem Globetrotters, Presentation by Ryan, 2013


Ryan and Remy, Camp Savoy, 2012


Slow Club – Two Cousins, with Remy Kouame, 2011


Matt & Charlotte Lindy Hop Routine, So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD), 2011


Helzapoppin’ Dance Routine Recreation, Frankie 95, New York City, 2009


‘Mack The Knife’, Ryan & Jenny perform at the Hellzapoppin’s 20th Anniversary Dance, Irish Center, Camden, London, 2009


‘Rooster’s Anthem’, Outkast, from film Ildewild, 2006


Swing!, Broadway Musical, Tony Award Nominee, Ryan dancing with Jenny Thomas at Tony Award Gala, New York City, 2000


Swing!, Broadway Musical, Montage showing Macys parade, Rosie O’Donnell Show, 2000


Swing Kids, 1993, Ballroom group dance scene


Swing Kids, 1993, Christian Bale and Robert Sean Leonard dancing


American Swing Dance Championships, with Sing Lim, New York City, 1993


Malcolm X, 1992


Ridin High, Robert Palmer, Zoots and Spangles performing, 1992


‘Make It With You’, The Pasadenas, 1992


The Children’s Royal Variety Performance, Zoots and Spangles, 1991


‘Why Can’t We Live Together’, Timmy Thomas (wrote song in 1972), 1990 MTV music video remix, Ryan’s dance partner is Julie Oram


Broadway Musical‘Black and Blue’, Wednesday Night Hop scene, 1990


‘Woman To Man’, Harriet (Roberts), 1990


‘This is the Right Time’, Lisa Stansfield, 1989


‘Dr! Dr!’, Shatakak, 1988


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