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Art Fundamentals

An Artistic Journey in Exploring Media, Techniques and Styles

This series of video tutorials focuses on applying fine art principles, starting from the basics, and on learning from different artists, their styles, techniques and artworks. This series is included with PaintboxTV Premium Membership. Premium Members have access to the complete archive of Art Fundamentals lessons. This index summarizes the lessons that have already been posted and those planned in the future. The direct viewing links for each video included in this summary are only applicable when you are already logged in as Premium Member. Therefore if you are a Premium member I recommend you log in first and then take advantage of the convenience of these links to get an overview of the content on the site, plus to conveniently navigate around the different videos. In the case of multi-part videos, the link titles will always take you to Part 1, and then for the other parts just click on those part numbers as indicated to the right of the main link titles. I’ve made the links such that they open a new browser window each time. That means you can keep this index easily accessible on your desktop at all times and conveniently navigate from any video to any other video.

Video Archive


Index of older videos on PaintboxTV, listed in the order they were posted, with the more recent first and the oldest last. Many of these older videos show Painter 11, though all the techniques shown are applicable in Painter 12.

    Three Minute Jazz Portrait
    Learning from Looking at Renoir’s “La Loge”  [1] [2]
    Collage Portrait of Norma Miller
    Go van Gogh!
    Father Daughter Dance – Collage Techniques
    How to Make Your Own Brush Category
    iPad Sketching in Amsterdam
    Flamenco Guitarist
    Trombone Shorty – Post-Print Painting Techniques
    Wine Cellar Brush Tour
    Happy Feet, Happy Paint
    Real Brushes & Pens
    Five Minute Pop Art Portrait
    Demonstration of Auto-Painting
    BoxSet Taster – Portrait of Bernette
    Portrait of Horacio
    Jeremy Sutton Artist Portrayal
    Eva & Theresa
    The Thames at Lechlade
    Misty Waterfall at GuangZhou
    Skycap Keith
    Fabulous Combo
    Painting Eyes – Sketch of Jay Stock
    Portrait of Horacio
    Making Custom Palettes
    Brush Creation Jam
    The Brush Metaphor Tour
    Creation of JeremyGooeyLuscious
    The Ultimate Speed Test
    Understanding and Controlling Hard Media
    Soft to Hard Real Pencils

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