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What is a PainterLab?

The monthly PaintboxTV PainterLab (formerly known as PainterClinic) is a virtual Q & A session open to all current PaintboxTV Premium Members. There is no charge — it is part of the service I provide for PaintboxTV Premium Members and is included in your subscription. You do not need to pre-register for the PainterClinic, though if you have specific questions to ask or projects you’d like help with, it is useful to send me your questions and files in advance so I can prepare and make the most efficient use of the PainterLab time. If you wish to send me your questions and projects in advance please email me with the subject “Question for the Next PainterLab” and include source images and intermediate stages, if possible. Ask away!! This is your time to pick my brain about anything Painter or art-related. The structure is relaxed, informal and interactive. The agenda is up to you! As long as your are a current PaintboxTV Premium Member just turn up and join in. The GoToTraining system is limited to 25 participants but this far we are normally getting between 5 and 10 participants so you should have no problem getting on board and I encourage Premium Members to take advantage of this opportunity.

How do I know when the next PainterLab is and how do I join it?

To join the next PainterLab, please go to the members-only PainterLab Link page. You’ll see the icon for this page with the date of the next PainterLab when you select the PainterLabs sidebar menu page. You can also look at the What’s New page.

When do they occur?

The PainterLabs are usually scheduled close to the beginning of each month, usually starting at 11:00am Pacific time and lasting about an hour and half. They last up to one and a half hours, and generally start at 11:00 am Pacific Daylight Time. The sessions include a brief round up of PaintboxTV news, follow up and showing of homework from the previous PainterLab (yes, I always give a monthly homework assignment for those who’d like the challenge), a live demo inspired by the birthday artist if the month, and addressing of specific questions that have been sent in prior to the PainterLab or that come up in the session.

Are they recorded?

PainterLab sessions are recorded and the recordings, or portions of it with limited editing, are posted on the PainterLabs sidebar menu page and are accessible to PaintboxTV Premium Members. PainterLabs are intended to be informal live real-time interactive meetings, not formal structured tutorials. They are best experienced in real-time if you’re able to attend.

What are the technical requirements?

PainterLabs are run using the Citrix GoToTraining system which works on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android mobile device or tablet or Windows tablet. It is best to download the Citrix software to join the session. If you find yourself “tuning in” via the web then click on the grayed out webcam symbol in the GoToTraining control panel and select “Install application” – you’ll get a much better experience that way. Since this can all take a few minutes, I recommend arriving about fifteen minutes early the first time you attend a PainterLab.

Other technical requirements are:

1. Speakers/Headset: you will need to use either speakers or a headset to listen in to the PainterLab.

2. Microphone: while a microphone is not necessary to listen in, it is useful to have one since now and then I un-mute attendees so we can have a voice conversation as part of the PainterLab. Therefore is preferred if you can arrange for a microphone to be available, which may be integrated into your computer or could be a third party microphone. Some webcams include a microphone. I use the Blue Snowball, which you can purchase online or from any Apple Store, and am very pleased with it.

3. Webcam: a webcam is not necessary for participating but if you have one that can be nice for us to see each other at some points during the session. See my Recommended Tools page for my webcam recommendation, if you need one.

I look forward to welcoming you to a PainterLab!


Jeremy Sutton

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