Learn about the use of paper, grain and texture in Corel Painter 2017

2016-10-20 12:44

Learn what Corel Painter 2017 is, how it works, and how to use it to expand and empower your creative expression without being overwhelmed by the depth, breadth and complexity of the choices.

2016-08-29 15:15

Introduction to Dab Stencils and Texture Painting in newly released Corel Painter 2017.

2016-08-10 18:38

Overview of what’s new on PaintboxTV and then look at artwork from four PaintboxTV Premium members.

2014-09-03 11:00

Learn how to capture a custom paper texture, vary the paper scale, and adjust the layer composite method and opacity.

2014-02-12 15:39

Learn to capture a masked pattern and apply it using the Pattern Pen Masked variant onto a layer for maximum control.

2014-02-12 15:38

Learn about Reference Layers, Layer Masks, Text, capturing Custom Papers, Preserve Transparency, Pick Up Underlying Color, environmental maps and installing third party plugins.

2013-11-06 10:58

Continuation of the exploration of new features in X3 and use of my custom X3 workspace.

2013-08-03 10:44

Finally we get to have some …

2012-12-19 09:48

Nothing in Painter beats the Apply …

2012-11-26 01:12

Two powerful effects, Color Overlay and …

2012-11-25 01:14

Express Texture effect is a fabulous …

2012-11-24 01:16