Painter’s Early Days<br>PainterChat with John Derry

Painter’s Early Days
PainterChat with John Derry

In honor of the 20th anniversary of Painter I asked John Derry to share his reminiscences about work alongside Painter creators Mark Zimmer and Tom Hedges in the early days of Painter. Click here to view and download John’s Magical Mystery Brush Tour, a three page PDF document that provides an overview of, and background to, some of the Painter brushes that John helped design.

Part 1 – Origins: Background & Beginnings – 1h 42m

Part 2 – Maturing: Brushwork Behind the Scenes – 1h 4m

Part 3 – Rebirth: From Fractal Design to Corel – 1h 3m

Part 4 – Branching Out: From Photoshop to iPad – 1h 45m

February 2011

Click here to download the first video (Part 1)

Click here to download the second video (Part 2)

Click here to download the third video (Part 3)

Click here to download the fourth video (Part 4)

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Jeremy Sutton

Originally from London, I studied drawing, sculpture and print-making at the Ruskin School of Fine Art and Drawing, Oxford University (while earning a degree in Physics), and subsequently studied at the Vrije Academie in The Hague, The Netherlands. I\'ve been using digital paint since 1991, including every version of Painter. I love teaching and have taught workshops and given presentations all over the world for the last twenty years. I create commissioned fine art paintings and perform live action painting and digital portraiture. I founded PaintboxTV in February 2009. Thank you for being part of this creative community!

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