Painter 2015 Wacom Settings
Part 2 – Importing Pref File

Learn how to import the Wacom Preference File that is shared here on PaintboxTV (see Painter Extras / Wacom Settings for Painter 2015). You will see hwo to make use of the Restore function in the Wacom Tablet Utility (Mac) / Wacom Tablet Preference File utility (PC). Please note that the Wacom Preference Files are specific to the computer operating system, the Wacom driver version and the Wacom tablet model. If your set up does not match the specifications on the preference file titles then skip this video and go to the following video which will review my custom settings and allow you to follow along and manually program your Wacom Tablet control panel settings. The first section of this video is recorded on a Mac, though most of what is shown equally applies to a PC. 5 minutes and 12 seconds into the video I turn to showing how to import the Wacom preference file on the PC (Windows 8.1). No matter what OS and tablet you use I recommend regularly checking the web site for updated drivers.

Video length: 5 minutes 18 seconds

August 2014



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