the Passion of Flamenco, March 24 – 28, 2014<br>Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Painting the Passion of Flamenco, March 24 – 28, 2014
Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, Santa Fe, New Mexico


Santa Fe has a rich history of Flamenco, reaching back to the roots of the dance. Today it is home to many acclaimed Flamenco dancers and musicians. The striking gestures, strong shapes, dramatic lighting, infectious energy, soulful music and powerful passion of Flamenco are great inspirations for expressive painting. “El Jaleo” by the Master painter John Singer Sargent stands out as a shining example of the capturing of ‘el duende’, the spirit of the dance. This workshop offers a special opportunity to experience and capture the raw beauty of this powerful and beautiful song and dance tradition by digitally painting with Corel Painter X3 from photographs you take of dancers and musicians in action.

The workshop begins with an inspiring photo session with world-class Flamenco performers, dancers and musicians, in an atmospheric setting. This provides the raw material for digital painting with Corel Painter X3 and the Wacom tablet. In this workshop you’ll learn the tools, techniques and skills for transforming your photographs into beautiful, colorful, evocative paintings. Learn how to master the application, control, customization, and organization of Painter’s brushes, and how to effectively, efficiently and expressively paint from your photos. The training includes exercises for expanding your use of color and instruction in how to capture, customize, apply and organize custom paper textures in your work.

Throughout the workshop I share my artistic and technical insights, approach and techniques for creating work from photo reference. The small class size (twelve or less) allows me to spend time helping everyone individually. This workshop is ideally suited for both professional and non-professional photographers who love the idea of combining photography, art and dance. The techniques and skills you will learn in this workshop empower you to create painterly, colorful, impressionistic artworks that captures the movement, energy and passion of Flamenco with as much or as little detailed representation as you wish.

The last “Painting the Passion of Flamenco” workshop was an amazing week! We photographed incredible world class dancers and musicians in the beautiful and historical Scottish Rites Temple (Cathedral) in Santa Fe. This magnificent building, built in 1911, has Spanish Moorish architecture based on the style of one of the gatehouses at the Alhambra in Spain, an area not far from where Flamenco has it’s origins.

Below are some examples of my Flamenco inspired paintings plus a couple of photographs I took of students photographing dancers during the last Santa Fe workshop.

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