The Portrait Conversation 18
Joe Costa, Preservation Architect
Building on the Past for the Future

1 hour 58 minutes

The Portrait Conversation, Episode 18, featured special guest Joe Costa, Preservation Architect. Joe shared his journey as a preservation architect, including details of his contribution to such award-winning iconic San Francisco projects as the San Francisco Federal Building and the rehabilitation and repurposing of Pier 2 at the Fort Mason Center. Hear Joe explain the field of Preservation Architecture including how climate change is impacting the practice.

Joe was born in Salinas California an agricultural center 100 miles south of San
Francisco near the Coast. He began his college studies as an Art Major and Dance Minor later transferring to Architectural studies, and graduated in 1992 with a degree in Architecture from California College of the Arts.

After graduating, he worked for about six years in the architectural practice of Tyler Holmes, a top designer for Michael Graves (The New York Five). Afterwards, he
worked as the senior project manager and architect for Garavaglia Architecture, a well-established San Francisco historical preservation firm. After starting his own firm in 2010, he designed the first LEED Home in Solano County. The LEED platinum project was the first of its kind in Solano County and included use of structurally insulated panels, solar electric power, smart building technology, and high efficiency building systems. His body of work includes extensive experience with government, institutional, commercial and residential projects. In 2010 he began his work in
public service for the National Park Service as the Historical Architect for the Golden Gate National Park (GGNRA).

In 2015 he accepted a second federal government position with the General Services Administration, in the Design and Construction Programs Branch for the Pacific Rim Region.
He presently serves as federal government architect, program manager, and subject matter expert in the Pacific Rim Design Excellence and First Impressions Programs.

His work involves many types of projects in public federal facilities and buildings,
urban design, public outreach, preservation work and sustainable design. His work over the years has included livable communities competitions, sustainable design, and historic preservation management, Management of award wining projects and urban planning and community design volunteer work. One of his park
service project several awards. The historic Fort Mason Pier 2 Rehabilitation for GGNRA, Fort Mason Center and the San Francisco Art Institute won a 2018 Top Ten Projects COTE award, a 2019 California Preservation Foundation Rehabilitation Award, and a 2019 Education Facility AIA Award.

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