X3 Workspace Tour (5 of 5)

Explore the “Brush Creation” palette arrangement of the PaintboxTV Painter X3 Workspace (downloadable by PaintboxTV Premium Members from the Painter X3 Extras download page). This video also includes demonstration of the use of the templates, built in textured backgrounds, provided as part of my workspace, that you can conveniently access through the File / Template menu. You’ll learn how easy it is to save your favorite brushes into the “My Faves” brush category provided in the workspace.

To give you a historical context for this palette arrangement, in earlier versions of Painter (Painter X and earlier) there was a “Brush Creator” mode within the program that essentially transformed your Painter desktop into a brush-making studio. It included three great operational windows: “Randomizer”, “Transposer” and the “Stroke Designer”. The “Randomizer” took the current brush variant and randomized it’s behaviorial characteristics, giving you a choice of variations to choose from. The “Transposer” created new brush variants based on the transition from one variant to another (both of which you determined). The “Stroke Designer” brought together all the brush controls relevant to the current variant and allowed you to tweak the settings until you liked what you saw. I miss this Brush Creator mode in Painter and hope someday the Randomizer and Transposer will return. In the meantime I’ve created the “Brush Creation” palette arrangement as the “next best thing” for getting deep into brush customization.

The new “Advanced Brush Controls” (accessed by clicking on the brush and gear wheel icon on the right end of the brush Property Bar) in Painter X3 is for all intents and purposes the equivalent of the old “Stroke Designer” – a dynamic contextual collection of the main brush controls relevant to the current variant. When you want to get deep into experimenting with brush behaviours and customizing brushes, then you’ll also need to see the General brush controls panel which is not included in the Advanced Brush Controls. The General brush controls panel is included in this palette arrangement, which also includes a custom shortcuts palette with all the main functionality I think you may need conveniently at your fingertips. This palette arrangement is designed for an intermediate to advance Painter user who is already comfortable and familiar with the basics.

Video length: 8 minutes 27 seconds

September 2013

Painter X3 In-Depth
X3 Workspace Intro Tour (Part 5 of 5)


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