Zoom-at-Noon Drawing Board

Zoom-at-Noon Drawing Board Registration Link
You’ll only need to register once and then you’ll receive a Zoom-at-Noon link you can use for every session.

Please join me for my Zoom-at-Noon Drawing Board livecast sessions every weekday at Noon Pacific Daylight Time (Noon PDT). These sessions are an “artist ride-along / draw-along”. Join me on location, or in my studio, for a few fun minutes of drawing (will aim for about fifteen-minutes-ish:-). The subject and media may vary. You can either sit back and watch and enjoy or you can draw along with whatever media you choose. You can draw what I draw (I’ll show it in my screen) or something else in front of you, or from any reference image or out of your imagination – everything’s okay! This is not a tutorial or lesson. Just a ride-a-long in which I share the joy of drawing.

If you’re new to Zoom please look over my Zoom 101 page to help you prepare and to make the experience as pleasant, fun and glitch-free as possible. During the sessions feel free to make comments and ask questions in the Chat.

I’d love to see what you create during these sessions—please feel free to email JPGs of what you create to jeremy@jeremysutton.com.

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