Get ideas for creating your own pop art painting from iconic imagery.

2016-05-13 10:21

Topics covered include demonstration of the Effects / Esoterica / Growth effect on layers to create tree like patterns.

2016-05-12 08:58

A look at diverse artwork, customized brushes, fill bucket usage and black line technique.

2016-04-03 13:50

Learn how to sketch a still life using Painter 2016.

2016-03-29 10:11

Layers, composite methods, layer masks, Fill tool Tolerance and Float Copy are just some of what we covered in this PainterLab.

2016-03-02 11:06

Special guest artist Karen Bonaker covers great techniques for organic watercolor and thick paint looks.

2016-02-09 18:46

Live demonstration of iPad portrait sketching with various apps.

2016-01-28 13:17

Drawing exercise with five different types of brushes: inky, pencilly, oily, watery and crazy!

2016-01-27 19:32

Ideas for completion. Here is a real life case study of an example of “finishing workflow” and experimentation.

2016-01-18 15:22

Multi-layered monoprints to understanding the Float Copy and drawing effects on a Liquid Ink layer.

2016-01-12 20:46

See how a complex rich surface structure can be built up.

2015-12-30 20:58

Apps and techniques for making pencil sketches on your iPad.

2015-12-23 16:27

Introduction to iPad art basics: choosing a stylus, installing apps and organizing your albums.

2015-11-21 14:27

Learn a versatile expressive photo paint workflow in Painter 2016.

2015-11-19 03:34

An overview of some of the iPad painting tools, apps and accessories that I use and recommend.

2015-11-01 01:47

Learn two ways to organize your favorite brushes in Painter 2016: custom brush categories and shortcut palettes.

2015-10-06 16:21

Visual summary of all Painter 2016 brush variants from all categories.

2015-08-18 20:00

Simplifying the dry grainy media contained within four different brush categories.

2015-05-17 09:09

A look at some of the great Blender brushes.

2015-04-12 16:16

I demonstrate all 9 variants in the Artists brush category, working on a painting of a Dutch bicycle with all of them.

2015-03-04 12:16

How to know which brushes work with the Sample Multiple Colors dropper tool.

2014-12-11 22:37

Explanation of Brush Looks in Painter 2015.

2014-10-14 08:33

Some ideas for emulating in Painter 2015 the way paint builds up when applying thick paint with a palette knife.

2014-09-07 06:13

Demonstration of the new Painter 2015 Particle brushes in action.

2014-08-20 07:57