Acrylics Explored – Part 1

Welcome to the first of a brand new and exciting Brush Explorations video tutorial series, featured exclusively here on PaintboxTV, that explores ALL thirty two of the the standard brush categories in Corel Painter, plus the two extra brush categories that come with Jeremy Workspace 2015. Each month I’ll post fresh videos that review another brush category, giving an overview, highlights, demos and recommendations of key brush variants, plus suggestions for ways to adjust, control and customize their behavior and characteristics. We’ll go in depth, looking “under the hood” and shining light on the different brush engines that drive the fabulous brushes of Painter!

In this video we look at what palettes and panels you need to include in your on-screen palette layout to really understand and control brush behavior. In particular we’ll be looking at the Advanced Brush Controls palette and General Brush Controls panel. If you have a Wacom Art Pen I highly recommend using when following this series. Enjoy your brush explorations!

Video length: 12 minutes 16 seconds

January 2015


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