Enjoy this dive into some of my favorite new aspects of Corel Painter 2021.

2020-12-10 15:58

Learn what Corel Painter 2017 is, how it works, and how to use it to expand and empower your creative expression without being overwhelmed by the depth, breadth and complexity of the choices.

2016-08-29 15:15

Special guest artist Karen Bonaker covers great techniques for organic watercolor and thick paint looks.

2016-02-09 18:46

Drawing exercise with five different types of brushes: inky, pencilly, oily, watery and crazy!

2016-01-27 19:32

See how a complex rich surface structure can be built up.

2015-12-30 20:58

Discuss brush customization and watercolor blending, and look at use of “Upside Down” technique.

2015-10-02 19:12

Visual summary of all Painter 2016 brush variants from all categories.

2015-08-18 20:00

Look at some of the variants in the Cloners brush category.

2015-07-13 17:40

Simplifying the dry grainy media contained within four different brush categories.

2015-05-17 09:09

A look at some of the great Blender brushes.

2015-04-12 16:16

I demonstrate all 9 variants in the Artists brush category, working on a painting of a Dutch bicycle with all of them.

2015-03-04 12:16

A look at Painter’s Airbrushes: how they work, can be controlled, customized and applied.

2015-02-22 12:48

The palettes and panels you need to include in your palette layout to understand brush behavior.

2015-01-09 04:53

A deep look at the Bristle Brush, the first brush variant in the Acrylics brush category in Corel Painter 2015.

2015-01-09 03:47

A deep look at the Captured Bristle, the second brush variant on the Acrylics brush category.

2015-01-09 02:48

Learn about three more brush variants, the Glazing Acrylic, the Opaque Detail Brush and the Real Dry Flat.

2015-01-09 01:39

How to know which brushes work with the Sample Multiple Colors dropper tool.

2014-12-11 22:37

Introduction to the Art Pen and explanation of the Expression menu.

2014-12-10 18:19

Learn how to identify which brushes in Painter have rotational sensitivity.

2014-12-10 18:00

Discuss variety of technical and artistic points, including how to know which brushes take advantage of the Art Pen rotation.

2014-12-06 11:09

Explanation of Brush Looks in Painter 2015.

2014-10-14 08:33

Some ideas for emulating in Painter 2015 the way paint builds up when applying thick paint with a palette knife.

2014-09-07 06:13

Overview of what’s new on PaintboxTV and then look at artwork from four PaintboxTV Premium members.

2014-09-03 11:00

Intro to brush tracking and calibration in Painter 2015.

2014-08-20 08:11

Demonstration of the new Painter 2015 Particle brushes in action.

2014-08-20 07:57

How to move a brush category from Painter X3 to Painter 2015.

2014-08-19 23:19

In depth look at Impasto, plus an equine portrait painting demo.

2014-06-06 11:00

Finishing the digital painting with final fine tuning, creating focus and adding accents.

2014-04-10 18:46

Complete collection of my Painter X3 Extras including my latest custom workspace and extra brush collection.

2014-02-01 06:27

Demonstration of the Impasto Oil brush, including adjusting some of the Advanced Brush Controls for finer control.

2014-01-28 17:29

Look at brush variants that have the Impasto effect but are not in the Impasto brush category.

2014-01-28 11:25

Learn how Liquid Ink brushes can be made to look like thick impasto paint….

2014-01-28 09:45

A close look at the thick paint on some of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings.

2013-12-05 19:59

A look at the three variants and one effect in Painter that include Van Gogh in their name.

2013-12-05 18:08

“Speed painting” – see how I created an Amsterdam scene using the Van Gogh brushes.

2013-12-05 17:49

The basics of image layers in Painter X3: how to create them, paint on them, adjust their layer opacity and change their composite method.

2013-10-01 10:40

Learn how to create a layer through pasting, how to transform layer size and orientation with Free Transform and Reference Layer, and how to use some of the special brush layers.

2013-10-01 10:39

Learn how to create a bristly brush with a juicy organic trail-off starting with an Acrylics > Bristle Brush.

2013-10-01 10:37

Learn how to create a bristly brush with a nice trail-off and tapered trail-in and trail-out, based on the Acrylics > Real Long Bristle.

2013-10-01 10:21

New Painter X3 clone source system explained. It’s ease, elegance and versatility demonstrated as I paint a cityscape with new bristle brushes.

2013-10-01 10:15

Ways to add a more painterly finish to photographically precise details in paintings.

2013-09-04 17:24

Learn how to create and save a custom seamless pattern and then apply it using the Pattern Pens.

2013-08-31 14:12

What’s new in Painter X3 plus an introduction to my new Painter X3 workspace.

2013-08-03 10:46

Continuation of the exploration of new features in X3 and use of my custom X3 workspace.

2013-08-03 10:44

Learn how to choose a brush, undo …

2013-07-20 07:59

Set your brush tracking and customize basic brush characteristics using keyboard shortcuts.

2013-07-19 08:13

Learn how to use the multiple color …

2013-07-18 08:37

Learn how to use the Color Variability …

2013-07-16 09:39

The difference between the three Watercolor categories in Painter: Digital Watercolor, Real Watercolor and Watercolor.

2013-07-06 19:04

Now we go from using a traditional …

2013-06-26 12:26

Now we go from using a traditional …

2013-06-25 12:31

Digital contour drawing of a more complex …

2013-06-24 12:35

|video| Shading exercise in Corel Painter on …

2013-06-19 12:52

|video| Completion of the digital shading exercise.
Video …

2013-06-18 12:54

|video| We first crop the image for …

2013-06-17 12:59

|video| Adding color accent shapes with JeremyBoxSet5 …

2013-06-16 13:03

|video| Using Liquid Ink > Graphic bristle …

2013-06-15 13:05

|video| Continue using Liquid Ink > Graphic …

2013-06-14 13:06

Introduction to a series of videos about drawing and painting dancers based on the approach and style of the great 19th century French artist Edgar Degas.

2013-05-22 19:30

|video| A closer look at Degas drawing …

2013-05-21 19:28

A drawing exercise based on the …

2013-05-20 19:26

|video| See how I started on a …

2013-05-19 19:22

|video| See how I use the Charcoal …

2013-05-18 19:16

|video| Final touches with lowered brush opacity …

2013-05-17 19:03

|video| This webinar starts with a review …

2013-05-16 02:19

|video| Time to let rip with the …

2013-05-12 22:30

A look at the Canvas, Layers …

2013-01-28 20:50

A demonstration/explanation of the library, category …

2013-01-26 20:46

|video| Understand the Brush Selector, the hierarchy …

2013-01-25 16:40

|video| Use the Brush Properties palette sliders …

2013-01-24 16:35

(video) Concluding this introduction, a look at …

2013-01-23 16:30

The brush controls are illustrated using …

2013-01-22 20:45

First learn how to customize, save …

2013-01-19 20:40

|video| Tour of my favorite stainy splattery, …

2013-01-18 20:39

Painter 12 workspace that includes my custom brush category, JeremyBoxset7, with over 160 brushes.

2013-01-17 00:47

|video / free|After a look at the …

2012-12-29 08:36

|video / free| See the new Real …

2012-12-28 08:39

Finally the Tablet is programmed and …

2012-12-18 09:51

We start with adjusting brush tracking, …

2012-12-17 17:30

|video| Quick review of main preference and …

2012-12-16 19:24

The concept of the exercise is …

2012-12-15 19:25

Continuing brush exploration with Acrylics > …

2012-12-14 19:28

Remember the old scratchboard drawing from …

2012-12-06 20:00

|video| I complete the abstract background, explaining …

2012-12-05 20:02

Demonstrate using a variety of brush variants, mainly Den’s Oil Funky Chunky and Sargent with a touch of Sunburst and Artist’s Palette Knife, while working from member photo.

2012-11-03 10:53

|video| Learn how to customize an oily …

2012-10-27 00:54

(video) Learn the difference between Brush Scale …

2012-10-26 11:05

|video| Learn how to capture a custom …

2012-10-25 20:06

|video| Exploration of the luscious brush variants …

2012-10-24 18:57

|video| See how I use the Blendy …

2012-10-23 19:10

See how I use the variants Real …

2012-10-22 08:37

This webinar is devoted to understanding the wonderful range of bristly brushes in Painter 12.2 and how to control, customize and apply them.

2012-08-11 19:36

Webinar devoted to understanding the wonderful world of brushes in Corel Painter 12.2 — different types of brushes, how they behave differently, what to expect, organizational tips and suggestions for simple customizations.

2012-07-25 19:18

Introducing what’s new in the latest version …

2012-07-12 10:45

More show and tell of the new …

2012-07-11 10:53

Introducing the new Cinco app that allows …

2012-07-10 10:56

See how easy it is to go …

2012-07-09 10:58

See how easy it is to make …

2012-07-08 11:01

A look at painting with the big picture in mind. Webinar recording.

2011-10-20 09:31

I demonstrate my approach to painting …

2009-03-20 14:47

I compare four paint programs by painting a portrait of a painter with each program.

1993-11-05 22:22