PainterLab 28<br> (Feb. 2, 2015)

PainterLab 28
(Feb. 2, 2015)

Birthday artist is Renoir. We take a look at his work and I do a demo inspired by his example.

PainterLab 27 – Part 1<br> (Jan.10, 2015)

PainterLab 27 – Part 1
(Jan.10, 2015)

Review of the PaintboxTV latest videos and discuss color profiles, Mixer Pad, and programming your Wacom tablet.

PainterLab 27 – Part 2<br> (Jan.10, 2015)

PainterLab 27 – Part 2
(Jan.10, 2015)

Demo of making a a sketchy / water color style portrait from scratch using layers, Real 6B Soft Pencil and Bristle Brush.

Acrylics Explored – Part 1<br>Introduction

Acrylics Explored – Part 1

The palettes and panels you need to include in your palette layout to understand brush behavior.