The Joy of Sketching<br>with Particle Brushes

The Joy of Sketching
with Particle Brushes

Demonstration of the new Painter 2015 Particle brushes in action.

Painter 2015 Intro<br>Importing Brush Categories

Painter 2015 Intro
Importing Brush Categories

How to move a brush category from Painter X3 to Painter 2015.

Painter 2015 Intro<br>Creating Custom Palettes

Painter 2015 Intro
Creating Custom Palettes

How to create your own custom palettes in Painter 2015.

Painter 2015 Intro<br>Capturing KaleidoSquares

Painter 2015 Intro
Capturing KaleidoSquares

How to capture Kaleidosquares from your images.