Breakthrough 2020
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Click here to join morning sessions 10:00 – 11:30 AM PDT

Click here to join afternoon sessions 1:30 – 3:00 PM PDT

Materials List & Preparation Suggestions

  • Prepare your working physical working space for taking this course. The live sessions of this course will be run using the Zoom virtual meeting technology. The most convenient and comfortable way, I suggest, will be to participate in the live Zoom sessions on a Mac or PC desktop computer or laptop and keep your iPad separate for trying things out as they are demonstrated or discussed. A laptop will be useful for painting exercises where you may wish to leave your computer desk. You could run Zoom on your iPad but I suggest keeping your iPad free to be dedicated to art use during the live sessions. Make sure you’re seated comfortably and that your viewing screen is at head height. Clear some space around your desk surface for placing still life objects for drawing.

  • To be able to fully participate and interact during the live sessions you’ll need a microphone and web cam. The built-in ones in a computer or laptop will be fine. There will also be Chat during live sessions so you’ll still be able to communicate, ask questions etc, even without either mic or camera.

  • Please download the Zoom app onto the device you’ll be using for the sessions. You may do so via the Zoom Download Center. If you’re joining from a Mac or PC choose the FIRST option “Zoom Client for Meetings”. It can be a bit confusing since Zoom lists seven different Zoom download options! If you are new to joining Zoom meetings please visit the Zoom 101 page for Zoom-related details on how to prepare for a session and what to expect. This will help make your first Zoom experience smooth and fun!

  • Fully charge your iPad (ideally an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil but older models and styluses will also work fine). I suggest charging overnight each night before class to give you the flexibility to be free of your charging cable during class sessions if you wish to be.

  • If you haven’t yet installed the Procreate app, please do.

  • Visit the iPad Art Tools page and install all the utility apps mentioned plus as many of the art apps you wish to explore in your own time.

  • Update your iPad iOS (via Settings / General / Software Update) and all your installed apps (via the App Store / Your Account / Update All). If you already have Procreate installed that will ensure you are updated to the latest version.

  • Download and install the Procreate JS Brushes (PaintboxTV home page / IPAD ART EXTRAS in left sidebar menu.

  • Highly recommended extra brushes. To make the most of Procreate I suggest you purchase and install the following extra Procreate brush packs prior to class:

    Razum’s Oils Brush Pack for Procreate 5 ~ $15

    Abbie’s Ultimate Ink Bumper Pack for Procreate 5 ~ $9

    Max’s Watercolor MaxPack for Procreate 5 ~ $25

  • Create a free Artivive artist account and have the Artivive app installed on your iPad and smart phone. Learn more about an Artivie account works on their Get Started web page. With the free artist account, you get 3 initial projects which are for free forever. Thus for free you’ll be able to augment three of your projects in this workshop. If you need more, you have the option through Artivive of doing a one-time payment or getting a monthly Artivive subscription. For example, for 5 projects, you can pay once € 149,90 and have the AR enabled forever (you can also choose an option to buy 10 projects forever for 269,90 €, 15 projects forever for 399,90€ or 20 projects forever for 519,90€). Alternatively you can also choose to pay monthly € 9,90 for 10 projects. If after some months you need more than these 10 projects, you can upgrade your subscription to 25 artworks for 19,90€ / month, and so on (all the way to an unlimited number of artworks). Please note that we won’t be doing anything AR related until the last third of the course so you don’t need to do set up an Artivive account right away. However I would suggest you install the Artivive app into your smart phone and iPad before the course starts.